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The earliest recorded patent for the use of power steering on a land vehicle was given to Frederick W. Lanchester of UK in the year 1902. His invented a steering mechanism triggered by Hydraulic power. But it was Francis W. Davis, an engineer of the truck division of Pierce Arrow who first successfully demonstrated the power steering system. He joined General Motors and polished the hydraulic assisted power steering system unfortunately GM thought that the system is too expensive to produce and put the project aside. It was Chrysler Corporation that first introduced the power steering system equipped on its 1951 Chrysler Imperial. The power steering system was designed to make driving easier and less exhausting. Imagine having to maneuver on narrow roads or drive for long hours on uneven terrain. Without the power steering system you would probably avoid long road trips. The power steering system just like the other parts comprising your vehicle are not exempted from wear and with it operating under high pressure is not surprising that leaks become a common occurrence. One of the usual causes of leaks on the power steering system is a faulty power steering cooling line. It is very important that you have the power steering cooling line fixed at the earliest possible opportunity before it affects the overall performance of your vehicle. Check out our online catalog and select from our wide inventory of high quality power steering cooling lines. You may also call our 24/7 customer representatives for assistance.

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Replacing the Power Steering Cooling Line

The power steering system plays an important role in a vehicle as it provides additional assist when needed. A failing power steering system can result in loss of control that may lead to an accident. In lieu with this, the power steering cooling line keeps the power steering fluid from overheating. This ensures the consistent transfer of pressure from the steering wheel into the wheels. And because the power steering cooling line is subject to constant heat and pressure, it should be replaced from time-to-time. Below are easy steps on how you can do the cooling line replacement on your own.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools required:

  • Box wrench set
  • Car ramps
  • Drain pan
  • Pliers
  • Small worm drive hose clamps
  • Steering fluid
  • Wheel chocks

Step 1: Prepare all the tools and supplies needed.

Step 2: Set the car ramps in front of the vehicle.

Step 3: Drive the car and until its front wheels are on the ramps.

Step 4: Stop the car by shifting into park.

Step 5: Shut the engine off and set the emergency brake to avoid the car from rolling down the ramps.

Step 6: Place the wheel chocks at the front and back of the car's rear wheels.

Step 7: Under the power steering cooler, place the drain pan. It can be located behind the front bumper.

Step 8: With a box wrench, remove the power steering cooling line from the side of the power steering pump.

Step 9: Using a set of pliers, hold the squeeze clamp end connecting cooling line to the power steering cooler.

Step 10: Slide the squeeze clamp downwards, releasing the power steering cooling line.

Step 11: With the use of hands, pull the cooling line from the power steering cooler.

Step 12: Set the old cooling line to the drain pan.

Step 13: Put a new worm drive hose clamp into the end of the new power steering cooling line.

Step 14: By hand, slip the end of clamped end of the new cooling line into the power steering cooler.

Step 15: Tighten the hose clamp between the power steering cooling line and the cooler with the use of a box wrench.

Step 16: Connect the other side of the cooling line with the power steering pump by bolting them together.

Step 17: Repeat the same procedure if there is another power steering cooling line.

Step 18: Once the new power steering cooling line is installed, open the power steering pump.

Step 19: Fill the pump with power steering fluid until the indicator reaches "Full" mark.

Step 20: Close the hood carefully.

Step 21: Remove the car chocks from the rear wheels.

Step 22: Back the car from the car ramps.

Step 23: Test the car and note for improvements in the power steering assist.

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