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Because of its size, driving massive vehicles such as trucks require more effort in turning and controlling the steering wheel. This can be very tiring, especially if the trip is going to last for hours. Thanks to technological advancements, however, truck drivers won't have to endure this. Most trucks are equipped with power steering, a system that manages the effort required to steer the vehicle. One of its important components is the power steering cylinder, the main unit needed to augment the steering effort. Attached between the steering wheel and the linkage that turns the wheels, this component helps improve the maneuverability of long vehicles and can reduce fuel costs. Present in hydraulic systems, this cylinder works by applying force to the gear that steers the roadwheels. The valves send the hydraulic fluid to the cylinder and using this fluid, the cylinder is able to generate force to make the wheels rotate. A special type of valve is installed on most modern pumps to avoid creation of too much force by the cylinders; this is called the pressure relief valve. Another type of power steering cylinder design involves moving two halves of a frame; this is commonly seen in construction vehicles. So in case you need to purchase a replacement, make sure to check the type of cylinder to ensure it matches the specs of your automobile. It would be advisable to get an OE replacement to guarantee that it has a high level of quality and that it matches most make and models.

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