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Power Steering Hose

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Power Steering Hose Products

Among the components overlooked for power steering maintenance is your power steering hose. Its efficient service may be accounted to the excellent handling characteristics delivered by your vehicle over any possible driving applications. This steering component puts a pressurized power steering rack to work in order to stabilize the turn rate of the steering wheel. Original hoses may be crafted to last but not forever. Any sign of leakage on the hose must immediately be acted upon so as not to compromise performance and driving safety. Matching the standard test required for durability and performance, quality factory equivalents to your stock hose are conveniently available for specific vehicle applications. Investing with heavy duty replacement makes a practical solution to maintain precision and continually enjoy an unmatched driving experience. Low pressure hose and high pressure hose are employed to a typical power steering system. The high pressure or supply hose has a reinforced synthetic compound and double-flared hose fittings for strength and maximum compression capacity over pressure. High pressure oil from the pump travels through this type of hose to be directed to the steering gear. The low pressure or return hose has similar construction to high pressure hoses but it may not use compression fittings due to lower pressure handled depending on the system specifications. It carries the oil from the steering gear to the pump or fluid reservoir. Due to the demands of its service, the durability and strength established in manufacturing power steering hoses is similar to the hydraulic hoses used in backhoes and bulldozers. You must regularly check your steering fluid levels to prevent steering failure. In case your vehicle starts stalling, submit it to the expertise of a professional technician for repairs or part replacement. Catering to your general maintenance and replacements needs, our site carries a wide selection of power steering hoses and other power steering components available for specific vehicle applications. Click on our online catalog and check our vehicle fitment listings to order the right parts that first your vehicle's power steering specifications.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Choosing the Right Power Steering Hose

Nowadays, cars may have two or three power steering components. These components help drivers by adding energy to the steering mechanism, therefore reducing drivers' steering efforts regardless of the driving conditions they are in. One such component that makes up the power steering system is the power steering hose. Though oftentimes overlooked, power steering hoses play an important role in the power steering system by carrying the power steering fluid from the pump to other steering components.

Power steering hoses, just like other car parts, don't last because they are subject to extreme heat from the engine and other environmental factors. If your car's steering hoses are leaking, you need to replace them pronto. Looking for the right replacement hoses is as easy as 1-2-3, but choosing the right one for your car is very troublesome. If you're in the market for replacement hoses, there are some things that you should consider.

Price vs. Quality

As much as possible, you want to save money when repairing your car. But one thing that you should learn is that price influences quality. The price of power steering hoses range from $20 to $400, and there are many brands to choose from. When looking for the right power steering hoses, always buy from the manufacturers that you trust without sacrificing your budget.

Fabricated vs. Brand-new

If you're looking for new power steering hoses, then you probably heard about fabricated hoses. These hoses are fabricated or customized based on your preference. Some fabricated hoses are designed by hydraulic hose makers to withstand high pressure, so they last long. On the other hand, it's cheaper and easier if you'll just buy brand-new hoses from car part stores. We recommend that you choose car parts that best suit your driving style, and buy from makers or dealers that you trust.

High pressure vs. Low pressure

Power steering hoses come in pairs-high pressure and low pressure. One hose directs power steering fluid from the power steering pump to the steering mechanism. The other hose directs fluid back to the pump. These two hoses work together to give the steering mechanism the right amount of pressure to turn the vehicle. If there's a leak, it's important to check which hose is leaking. Hoses are usually sold individually, so to avoid buying the wrong hose, don't forget to check which hose is causing the leak.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

DIY: Replacing Power Steering Hoses

Power steering hoses are very important. Once they start to leak, they have to be replaced to avoid steering difficulties. This DIY guide will teach you how you can easily replace your car's leaking hoses.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools Needed:

  • Container
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Hose Clamp
  • Wrench
  • Power Steering Fluid

Step 1: Pop your car's hood. Then, place the container underneath the power steering pump to catch the power steering fluid.

Step 2: Find the two hoses attached to the power steering pump.

Step 3: Unscrew the hose clamp at the back of the pump to release the lower hose by turning the clamp's screw counterclockwise with your flathead screwdriver. Then, pull the hose away from the pump. Don't forget to drain the fluid into the container.

Step 4: Loosen the nut that attaches the upper hose to the pump by turning the wrench counterclockwise. Just like the lower hose, drain the power steering fluid into the container.

Step 5: Remove the hoses from the control valve by using your wrench to turn the nut at the end of each hose.

Step 5: With your wrench, attach the new hoses to the control valve and into the engine bay.

Step 6: Connect the upper hose to the back of the pump by sliding its nut over the valve and turning it in a clockwise direction.

Step 7: To connect the lower hose, slide the hose clamp up to where the hose meets the pump. Then, turn the screw in a clockwise direction using your flathead screwdriver.

Step 8: Fill the pump with power steering fluid up to the recommended fluid mark. Afterwards, start the engine.

Step 9: Turn the steering wheel several times. If the fluid stays between the "Add" and "Full" marks, the new hoses are working perfectly. If not, repeat the steps, and add more fluid if necessary.

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