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Idle problems can be caused by a lot of things, but do you know that one cause could be the power steering system? That's correct, and that's the reason you have a power steering pressure switch in your ride. So, when does an idle problem connected to the steering assembly happen? Well, this happens when the pressure in the system exceeds, or with the presence of the so-called power steering load. One instance when this can occur is when you steer sharply to the extreme left or right. When there is power steering load, an adjustment must be made on your engine's idle speed to prevent problems. The car computer is the one that makes the said adjustment, but it won't be able to accomplish that if it doesn't know when this incident is occurring. It is the function of the power steering pressure switch to inform the computer of this, in which case the computer will adjust the idle speed to prevent the occurrence of a problem. Given this, you'll come to understand that everything greatly depends on the efficiency of the switch. Therefore, always keep it in top shape through proper maintenance. And if you need a better switch, check out our catalog for more choices.

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Switching From Old to New: How to Change the Power Steering Pressure Switch

If there are people who can attest to the importance of a power steering pressure switch,that would be the outdoor enthusiasts, especially those who own a Ford Ranger. Driving this heavy-duty truck off rough terrains tests the driver's maneuvering skills. The rocky, muddy, and slippery routes of an off-the-road-driving often twitch the front wheels making them unaligned. In this situation, the power steering pressure switch turns on and gauges how much pressure is needed to put the wheels back on track. It would be then easier for the driver to twist and turn the steering wheel.

An old and worn-out switch can no longer perform that job so you have to install a new one. This article tells you how to replace the power steering pressure switch in your Ford Ranger.

Difficulty level: Moderate


  • Set of wrenches
  • Power steering fluid
  • Plastic container

Step 1: It is advisable to do this task when the engine is cool. If you just came home after a drive, wait for a few minutes to cool the engine down.

Step 2: Open the car hood and find the power steering fluid container. Drain the old and used fluid by releasing the lock ring of the return fluid line. Let the old fluid flow into a bottle or jar before disposing.

Step 3: Detach the pressure hose from the switch. Use a wrench to loosen the nut that holds it in place. Pull the hose out of the system.

Step 4: Disconnect the switch from the compression fitting. Remove the compression fitting then remove the power steering pressure switch.

Step 5: Get the new power steering pressure switch and place it in the pump. Reattach the compression fitting and make sure that it is hand tight.

Step 6: Reconnect the pressure hose on top of the switch. Insert the compression fitting back to its place. Tighten the assembly using the wrench.

Step 7: Attach the fluid line. See to it that the lock ring is properly placed to prevent leaks.

Step 8: Refill the power steering tank with the new power steering fluid. Refer to your car's manual to know the exact amount of fluid to put.

Just a tip:

  • Choose a power steering pressure switch that is compatible to Ford Ranger. There is no standard switch so check the specifics in your car's manual.
  • Be careful with the hoses when removing and reconnecting them. There are metal tubes attached to them so avoid twisting them.

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