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Most often than not car failures are caused due to the neglect of some simple parts like the power steering suction hose. The power steering suction hose is a rubber hose that carries that power steering oil from the reservoir tank to the oil pump. If not properly maintained, it may leak leading to problems in the steering wheel. Normally, to fix this problem --assuming there are no cracks on the steering pump and the reservoir-you have to tighten the fittings around the hoses. However, there are instances when the power steering suction hose get damaged as a result of continuous usage and add to it the exposure to high pressure that the hose has to bear. For cases such as this, you would need to replace the power steering suction hose. You can get top-of-the-line power steering components and parts at Auto Parts Warehouse. See our online catalog for the various selections that we have. All of our products are guaranteed by our extended limited warranty plans. Plus, we offer fast shipping, so even at the comfort of your home or office, you get your needed part in no time. You can check our site for details. For questions and other concerns, kindly call our 24/7 technical support. Hurry and purchase now!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Selecting a Power Steering Suction Hose for Your Car

All car parts eventually wear out, and the power steering suction hose is no exception. It gets damaged from continuous use, not to mention its exposure to high pressure. In the long run, this will lead to leakage, which will cause damage to the steering wheel, and probably the rest of the system if the broken part is not repaired or replaced immediately. If you're in the market for a new power steering suction hose, then here are some things you have to consider:

Which power steering suction hose should be used?

First, you should find out whether it is the lower or upper power steering suction hose that needs to be replaced. The rest of the considerations you will make will also depend on the placement of the hose along with its size, design, and type. Prices of power steering suction hoses range from $ 3 to $ 250. We recommend that you buy hoses that are made from the best-quality rubber.

Remember that like all parts, power steering suction hoses are designed for different makes and models, so make sure you read your car manual and know your car’s specs before making a purchase. You should check the power steering suction hose’s warranty and other specs, which include its width, length, and fitting to make sure it will suit your car.

What to look for in a power steering suction hose?

Choose power steering suction hoses that are constructed to withstand high pressure pulsations and heat. Aside from the fact that you have to choose from trusted names in the industry, also make it a point to compare prices before selecting which power steering suction hose to buy. You can easily purchase power steering suction hoses and many other kinds of steering components online. This way, you wouldn’t have to leave the comforts of your home or office.

Since some customers will be new to the whole do-it-yourself, we recommend that you select one that comes with a complete set of step-by-step instructions since this makes it easier for you to install the part. By doing this, you do not only save a few spare bucks, but you also get to learn more about your car and inspect it yourself to see if there is a need to get any more parts replaced.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

How to Change a Power Steering Suction Hose

Some car parts are just more important than the others. Although this is mostly true, those parts won’t be able to function efficiently without the less important ones—like the power steering suction hose that carries the power steering oil from the reservoir tank to the oil pump. When this breaks, it will lead to more serious damage on the steering wheel, so it’s best to change the broken hose immediately.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools that you’ll need:

  • Plastic syringe or turkey baster
  • Worm drive hose clamps
  • Screwdriver
  • Old rag
  • Knife

Step 1: Drain out fluid using a large plastic syringe or a turkey baster. You will notice the hose out of the reservoir connected with a clamp had some crimps on it.

Step 2: Pry the crimps off the hose using a small flathead screwdriver and place a rag under the reservoir area to catch dripping fluid. Make sure to keep the end on until you do the same for the other end.

Step 3: Secure the end of the hose attached to the power steering pump using a worm drive hose clamp. Use one of the new hoses with red caps on the ends to cap the end of the old hose to prevent leakage.

Step 4: Cut a vertical slit in the hose using a knife and look for the white stripe painted on each end of the new hose. This will show you where to align it. There is only one way for the hose to work correctly, which you’ll find out how once you try to fit it.

Step 5: Look for the raised area on the connection of the power steering pump to align the white stripe. The white stripe is under the hose clamp. Secure the hose to the reservoir and the pump using two worm drive clamps and route the hose so that it runs through the clip on top of the alternator/power steering pump. Afterwards, fill it with gasoline.

Step 6: Take your car for a spin. Recheck the fluid level, and you’ll see foaming on top because of the air in the hose and in the system. Take your car for another spin and recheck the levels.

Replacing your power steering suction hose can take about an hour for DIY-ers. This can be slightly tricky, so remember to have your manual around just in case you might need it.

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