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Primary Case Gasket

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There are different types of gaskets used for various types of vehicles such as fuel pump gasket, primary case gasket, head gasket, ring joint gasket and others. Each of these gaskets has its specific vehicle parts or components to protect. But regardless of the parts that they guard, these gaskets have the same function which is to serve as a mechanical seal that fills up gaps between two objects to prevent leakage while under compression. There are various ways of producing gaskets but the most common is by cutting through sheet materials made from rubber, gasket paper, silicone, metal, felt, cork, nitrite rubber, neoprene, plastic polymer, and fiberglass. Also, there are some gaskets that are made with asbestos due to the applications that they have to comply with. One of the sought after attributes of a gasket material is flexibility or the ability to adapt to any type of space irregularities. It is important to note that not all gaskets require a sealant an example of which is the primary case gasket so before you go changing the gasket of your vehicle make sure that you check your vehicle's manual for correct instructions. As for your gasket requirements, whether its fuel pump gasket, primary case gasket, head gasket, ring joint gasket and others, you may check our online catalog for top brands of gaskets. We also have 24/7 technical support to answer all your queries as well as assist you in choosing the right auto part for your vehicle.