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Push Rod Guide Plate

We have 3 Items for Push Rod Guide Plate In-stock.

Is your engine starting to make a cranking sound? It is normal for the engine to produce sounds, unfortunately cranking is not one of them. A cranking sound in the engine is an indication of a problem and you have to determine the source of the sound before it affects the overall performance of your vehicle. The engine is made of up of different components: piston, cylinders, spark plugs, valves, piston rings, connecting rod, crankshaft and sump. These components in turn are made up of other parts as well such as pushrods for example. You will have to look at every part of your vehicle's engine to determine where the problem is. Usually, pushrods are the common source of cranking sounds in the engine and signify a damaged or defective push rod guide plate. A guide plate supports and stabilizes the pushrods to steady the rocker arms at the center of the valves. With this said, it becomes very important that you changed the push rod guide plate once it's defective or damaged. Depending on your vehicle's requirements, there are various types of guide plates that you can purchase however it is important that you choose the exact push rod guide plate replacement for your vehicle. You can check your vehicle's manual for the type of guide plate to purchase or you can call our 24/7 technical support to help you. You may also search our online catalog for guide plates and other auto parts that you need.