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Quarter Window Molding Clip

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Not all vehicles come with a quarter window, so if your ride has a pair of such, make sure it is maintained well so as not to ruin the vehicle's attractive looks. Quarter windows are those that sit roughly above the rear wheels; the glass panels installed in them are usually movable for proper ventilation inside the vehicle's cabin. Like other automotive windows, the quarter window is outfitted with a molding to secure the glass in place while allowing it to be easily raised or lowered. It is because of this molding that the window glass doesn't shake even if the vehicle is going through bumps or rough terrains. What secures this molding in its proper position is the quarter window molding clip. This clip keeps the molding and the glass intact so that outside elements like water don't get into the interior. If you're planning to remove this clip from the quarter window, the process is no different from taking the window clips off the other types of vehicle window. To start off, inspect the quarter glass and be sure the molding is intact. Locate the quarter window molding clip. Get inside your ride, sit down, and slide the glass removal tool in the corner of the quarter glass. Push the removal tool a little and move it to the left or to the right to find the molding clip. Once found, use the removal tool to gently pull the clip up and pry it out of place. Using your hand, remove the clip from the window. Find the next clip by sliding the tool down. Repeat the steps in removing the next quarter window molding clip and set all the clips aside for future use.

Whether you're replacing your stock window molding or the whole quarter window assembly, you sure will need new molding clips. Fortunately, you no longer need to drive for several hours and hop from one store to another just to find the parts and accessories you need for your ride. Here at Auto Parts Warehouse, you can go through a wide array of choices and purchase the quarter window molding clip you need in just a few mouse clicks. See, online shopping is as easy that. So anytime you need replacement auto parts, simply look through our comprehensive catalog, take your pick, and place your order. Besides our low price guarantee, we've got flexible payment options, so you need not worry about how you'll pay for your ordered quarter window molding clip.