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Radiator Cap Adapter

We have 17 Items for Radiator Cap Adapter In-stock.

The efficiency of the coolant in your vehicle greatly depends on its boiling point, which is largely determined by the pressure within the system, which is in turn affected by the efficiency of the radiator cap. This cap is designed to hold pressure well, in order to keep the coolant from overheating. To ensure that the cap is always capable of holding pressure, you have to test it now and then using a radiator cap adapter and tester. The adapter is the part that takes on the cap during the testing process, and connects it to the tester for testing. By doing the test, you'll be able to see whether the cap is still in good shape. If it's not holding pressure anymore, then it's crucial that you replace it to prevent coolant overheating and possible engine problems. A cap tester and adapter is a helpful tool for diagnosing the health of your cooling system. It can do a lot in preventing more serious and more expensive problems, so you might want to have one reserved in your garage. If you're wondering where you can get the right tool, check out our catalog at Auto Parts Warehouse! We have everything you need for your ride.