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Radiator Hose Clamp

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The radiator hose after years of usage can accumulate dirt and other road debris causing it to crack or become brittle. It is very important that you immediately changed worn out radiator hose before it leads to serious coolant leakage. When you changed the radiator hose it is highly recommended that you changed the radiator hose clamp as well. There are different types of radiator hose clamps being used on various automobiles but the most common is the band clamp which makes use of screws to loosen or tighten the clamp. The other type of radiator hose clamp is the wire-crimp clamp which used a variation or a mixture of the band and crimp clamp. Before you start with the repair it is best that you check the type of radiator hose clamp your vehicle have. You can check your vehicles manual or call our 24/7 technical support for assistance. To remove the radiator hose and the radiator hose clamps you will need the following tools and materials: slotted screwdriver/nut driver, Phillips head screwdriver, channel locks or pliers, antifreeze drain bucket, small pry bar, exact replacement radiator hose and clamps. To purchase quality automotive repair tools and cooling system parts simply choose from the large online inventory of Auto Parts Warehouse. All of our products are backed by extended limited warranty plans to give you confidence to shop with us. Place your orders today and get to experience the satisfaction in purchasing from only the best.