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Radiator Petcock

We have 7 Items for Radiator Petcock In-stock.

It's but a small component, but when it gets damaged, all hell can break loose in your vehicle-this is how important the radiator petcock is. This is a simple plug that you will find at the bottom of the radiator. It's used for coolant draining-you just remove it to allow coolant to drain, and then replace it afterwards. Small as it is, this component has to remain in top shape for the cooling system to be maintained in good shape. When the part gets damaged, it will allow the coolant to leak and well, you know what can happen when the radiator loses coolant. The worst scenario would be engine overheating-such a serious trouble, and all just because of a damaged petcock. You can't let this happen, now can you? As soon as you notice that there is a sign of leak around the part, check whether you have simply failed to tighten it or if the part is already damaged. If it is, don't hesitate to replace it with a new one. Get a highly durable radiator petcock and mount it properly in the radiator. Looking for the right part? You'll find everything that you need when you check our catalog here at Auto Parts Warehouse.