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Radiator Support Bracket

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Whenever you drive, there is some sort of war that takes place in the corners and deep recesses of your vehicle. The bumps from the road are transmitted to the parts in these areas, and they continuously move. After a while, this movement can take its toll on the parts and cause damage. One part that's susceptible is the radiator-good thing there's a radiator support bracket! The bracket serves as a connecting point between the radiator and the chassis of the vehicle. Welded on the car's frame, it holds the radiator and keeps it stable in place, no matter how strong the movements in the car. Depending on your car and radiator, you may need several brackets to ensure that the radiator mounting will be firm. You also need to get strong hardware, one that will be able to handle the radiator despite the stress. Don't worry because there are many choices available for you today. Here at Auto Parts Warehouse, we have a complete selection of automotive hardware and tools-cooling parts, exhaust parts, intake components, and many others. We also have complete automotive accessories in our catalog, and all these are just a mouse click away. You can get the right radiator support bracket anytime, wherever you are!

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Date Published:

Two Important Things to Consider When Purchasing a Radiator Support Bracket

The radiator support is among those vehicle components that rarely need replacement. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get damaged at all. When the inevitable happens and you find yourself involved in a head-on collision, your radiator support brackets are among the components that usually bear the brunt of the crash.

If you’ve been lucky enough to evade any type of road mishap, your radiator support won’t be saved from regular wear and tear. It can also be eaten up by rust once a part of the metal making it up becomes exposed to rust-causing elements. Whether due to accident or regular wear and tear, at one point, you’ll need to have your ride’s radiator support bracket replaced.

For the bracket to efficiently support the radiator in place regardless of the driving and road conditions and the temperature under the hood, it must be durable enough and must have heavy duty construction. Besides durability, here are the other factors you should consider when choosing a radiator support bracket:

Bracket material

Radiator support brackets are available in steel, aluminum, and plastic materials, and each of these materials has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to strength, steel is the strongest among the three and is less likely to warp. However, it is much heavier. So if you’re concerned about the weight that can be added by the bracket to your ride yet still want a unit that can be straightened or fixed when bent, you’d better go for aluminum brackets. Plastic brackets, on the other hand, are lightweight and are less likely to rust.

Quantity sold

The radiator support bracket is sold individually or in a set of two. If the one that needs replacing was damaged due to an accident and you’re sure that the other one is still in good working condition, it is okay to get only one replacement unit. However, if you are replacing the bracket due to old age and regular wear, you’d better get a set of two and have both brackets replaced. You see, those radiator support brackets have been holding the radiator for the same period of time. So if one of them has failed, you should expect the other one to also fail in days to come. To save money and effort, it would be best to replace both brackets in one go.

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Date Published:

How to Remove the Old and Install a New Radiator Support Bracket

Have you been in a road mishap and your radiator support bracket got bent or damaged? While it’s okay to fix and replace first the more important components of your ride, you should also pay attention to your radiator and its support bracket and have them replaced when damaged. After all, it isn’t safe to drive your ride with a radiator that isn’t properly mounted.

The replacement process can be lengthy, but it can be done even by a novice DIYer. Here are the steps:

Difficulty level: Moderate

What you’ll need:

  • Drill
  • Ratchet
  • Drill bits
  • Hammer
  • Socket set
  • Screwdriver set
  • Protective goggles
  • New radiator support bracket

Step 1: Park your ride in a solid, level ground, and in a well-lit area where there is enough room for you to comfortably move in front of your vehicle while doing this DIY task.

Step 2: Remove the seals, panels, glass, and any other component that may block your access to the stock bracket or may get in your way when installing the new bracket.

Step 3: Take note of the number of spot welds that secure the bracket to the vehicle’s frame. They look like circular dents in the metal. With your drill and drill bits, remove the spot welds or metal-to-metal seal between the vehicle’s frame and the bracket. Don’t worry about the holes that will be formed as they will be your guide when installing the new bracket.

Step 4: Once all the spot welds have been drilled out, remove the old radiator support bracket. Get your new bracket and fit it in place.

Step 5: Spot-weld the new bracket to secure it in place. Once the bracket has been installed, put back everything that you’ve removed earlier.

The length of the entire DIY process will depend on the number of spot welds you need to get rid of when removing the old bracket and those you need to make to secure the new bracket in place. The number of components you have to deal with before you can start working with the bracket also affects the duration of this DIY task.