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Does the clonking of your vehicle drive you crazy? Sounds are your vehicles way of letting you know that something is wrong with it. A clonking sound is often caused by a broken radius arm bracket that supports the radius rod which in turn controls the motion of the wheels. When the radius arm bracket of your vehicle is broken, the sound should only be a secondary concern. Your biggest worry should be your vehicle's wheel alignment since it's the first thing that gets affected. You will also notice that whenever you drive, your car starts to pull on one side. And that's not all, there is also the uncontrollable vibration, irregular tire wear, and difficulty in steering. It is vital that you have your vehicle radius arm brackets repaired at the soonest possible time before it worsens and causes accidents. Also, make sure that you change the radius arm bushings since they usually get damaged with the brackets. There are two approaches to fixing a broken radius arm bracket. You can have the busted bracket welded but make sure that the welder is an expert or else it will just break again. The other option is to buy a brand new bracket. Although it may cost a bit more but at least you are confident that it won't just break easily. Auto Parts Warehouse offers a wide array of high quality radius arm brackets from only the best brands available. Check our online catalog and place your orders today!

Buying Guides

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Choosing the Right Radius Arm Bracket for Your Car

A radius arm bracket is located in the wheel and axle area where it is closely connected to the shock absorbers and springs. Its main role is to support wheel control and alignment. The radius arm bracket insures that the wheel will turn whenever the steering is maneuvered-it translates the driver's steering decisions to actual wheel movement.

Why replace broken radius arm brackets?

Imagine your car without functional radius arm brackets-aside from the clunking noise you hear, your wheels will not turn left or right no matter how hard you steer it. Another problem would be that broken radius arm brackets will not be able to support the alignment of the wheels which can lead to your wheels rolling off on their own accord.

Even if your wheels don't roll off with a broken radius arm bracket, there's still a slim chance that wheel control will go awry in any moment. Don't risk getting into an accident before replacing your radius arm brackets. Get them checked and find the right replacement for your car.

What to expect from radius arm bracket replacements?

Most cars have custom radius arm brackets available from respective car dealers. Custom-made radius arm brackets have the advantage when it comes to fitting as the bolts and mounts are specially designed to fit your vehicle's wheel and axle. Independent autoparts dealers can also provide you with the same fitting quality as factory-made radius arm brackets, but the main factor that can affect how long the bracket alignment can last is how well you assembled it during the replacement procedure. Expert DIYers will most likely excel in installing direct fit brackets, but if you're still a beginner, seeking professional help will definitely help you.

Another thing you should look into if you're planning to buy a radius arm bracket replacement is its material. Make sure to look for stainless steel radius arm brackets to avoid rusting as much as possible. Rusting can cause as much trouble as improperly installed brackets. Sturdy materials such as aluminum alloy and stainless steel are good choices for radius arm bracket replacements.

Repair Guides

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Radius Arm Bracket Replacement in 7 Steps

Hear that thumping sound whenever you try to speed up or turn your wheels left and right? Sounds like these are indications that your radius arm bracket is either broken or dislodged. The radius arm bracket is responsible for supporting wheel control and motion. While unpleasant noises are important symptoms for broken radius arm brackets, you should be more worried about wheel alignment. Dislodged radius arm brackets become unable to keep the wheels aligned and can lead to road accidents. Don't wait for your wheel to roll off, and follow these steps in replacing those broken or dislodged radius arm brackets.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Things you'll need:

  • Jack stands or wheel ramps
  • Wrench
  • Eye protection goggles
  • Gloves
  • New radius arm bracket replacement

  • Socket and Ratchet

Step 1: Raise the clearance using jack stands supporting the axle.

Step 2: Detach the lower stud using a wrench and disconnect the front spring from the car.

Step 3: Remove the lower springs as well as the studs supporting the radius arm bracket. Unscrew the bolts connecting the radius arm bracket to the axle and front bracket using a wrench.

Step 4: Using a socket and ratchet, unhinge the nuts, rear washers and insulator from the rear of the radius arm bracket.

Step 5: Once everything is cleared, remove the radius arm bracket from the vehicle.

Step 6: Install the new radius arm bracket by aligning it first to the axle. Adjust the retaining bolts using a screw to secure it in place. Re-install the insulator and springs you removed earlier, and detach the jack stands from the axle.

Step 7: Go for a test drive to see if the newly installed radius arm bracket is working just fine.

Replacing radius arm brackets can take up to 30 minutes for expert DIYers, but beginners might reach an hour or so to finish it. Make sure to use gloves and eye protection gears if it's the first time you attempt to replace car parts. You can also ask for professional assistance if needed.

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