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Radius Arm Bushing

We have 44 Items for Radius Arm Bushing In-stock.

Control arms found in your vehicles are attached to the wheel and hub assembly which in turn are attached to the frame of the vehicle. These control arms enable the wheels to move in an upward and downward motion while obstructing forward and rearward movement. The radius arm bushing, also known as control arm bushing, is used to provide an elastic support that connects the control arms to the frame. The bushing also keeps control arms properly in place for correct wheel alignment. A radius arm bushing is not exempted from wear. Continuous usage and heat also cause damage to bushings. that's why you need to include them in your maintenance schedule. But if you do have damaged bushings, make sure that you replace them at once since these can lead to excessive tire wear and erratic handling, making you a hazard not only to yourself but also to others on the road. To replace the bushings of your vehicle, you would need to prepare the following tools: wheel chocks, floor jack, jack stand, and large pry bar. You may consult your vehicle's manual to know the exact type of radius arm bushing to purchase. You may also view our online catalog and choose from our wide array of radius arms bushings products. Having trouble choosing the bushing that is right for your vehicle? Then let our 24/7 technical support assist you.