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Without the help of various suspension system parts, your vehicle would probably just rock, bounce, and sway on the road. These moves would probably be useful on the dance floor but not on the highway. A dancing, unstable vehicle is not only a major road hazard, but it also takes away your riding comfort. Feeling dizzy and carsick? It’s probably because your car’s radius arm is not doing its job properly. This part is a crucial suspension link that controls the wheels’ longitudinal motion. Reinforced by bushings, this link is connected to the axle on one end and to your vehicle’s chassis on the other. To better control wheel motion, the link is strategically mounted in front of the wheels. In this position, the part will have the power to resist dives under sudden braking forces and wheel hops during acceleration. Usually made of lightweight aluminum or stamped steel, this vital suspension link greatly improves ride quality and comfort. When this part becomes defective, vehicle handling may be compromised as dives and wheel hops would not be regulated. Watch out for signs of damage so that you can immediately have the part replaced.--end--Make your driving life much easier—get a new radius arm for your suspension system. The old, damaged one won’t do any good and would only set you up for pricey repairs in the future. You don’t want that, do you? Well, start clicking away now and purchase a replacement here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Our comprehensive selection is packed with all the suspension parts you need to improve the quality of your ride, so there’s no more reason for you to endure any uncomfortable motions while driving. Aside from reliable suspension components, our website also carries more than two million automotive products, from engine parts and accessories to tools and equipment. Basically, everything you need and want for your vehicle is right here, so you can stop the search now and just scan our catalog to find what you’re looking for. Isn’t that great? All your automotive needs are just a few mouse clicks away! And to help you quickly find the right radius arm, just enter your vehicle’s year, make, and model on our website’s part finder feature, and you’ll be immediately presented with a long list of choices. Yes, it’s online shopping made easy! Feel free to browse our catalog now and make a purchase today!

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