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A radius rod, also known as radius arm or torque arm, is part of the suspension system that controls wheel motion. It also serves as an additional link in a beam axle layout that directs to the fore-and-aft location of the axle. The rod is linked with either a rubber or solid bushing on one end of the axle while the other end is connected to the chassis or unibody of the vehicle. You can easily determine radius rods since they can be seen mounted ahead of the wheel. They are positioned that way to defy dive when braking and wheel hop during acceleration. The materials used for these rods are made of stamped steel or aluminum which is known for their weightlessness. The radius rod due to its location and function gets a lot of beating from everyday usage so it's not surprising that it gets damaged. When this happens, you would need to have it replaced as soon as possible since failure to do so can lead to mishaps. Auto Parts Warehouse offers a wide range of high quality radius rods from only the top brands available. We also offer fast shipping so you get your order in no time. Shop now!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Three Useful Tips to Help You Buy the Right Radius Rod

A car's suspension isn't complete without the radius rod. This component contains and maintains the wheel's motion in one direction to prevent swerving and swaying. It reduces the impact of sudden braking and sudden speeding up of the car so you don't get thrown off the windshield. The radius rod or arm simply cannot fail or else, serious injuries await the car driver. If this part is causing some real problems in your driving, you have to replace it immediately. You don't have to worry because the process is simple and easy. However, you need to find a replacement radius rod first before the installation job. To help you find the right radius arm for your car, follow these three practical tips.

Know which radius rod in your car needs to be replaced.

A radius rod can be mounted either on the upper rear or lower front part of the vehicle. It is also either on the passenger's or on the driver's side. For each side, for each location, a different radius rod is required. Carefully inspect all the radius arms in your car to know how many rods you have to buy for the replacement task.

Choose a radius rod that's made from high-grade materials.

A radius rod needs to be tough and sturdy so it doesn't break easily even if it is constantly exposed to vibrations and impacts. However, the rod should be very light so it doesn't add so much weight to the vehicle. If the rod is heavy, there is a tendency for it to disrupt the movement of the car wheels and that can cause a lot of trouble. The best radius rods in the market today are made of stamped steel and aluminum. These metals posses are proven to be very hard and sturdy yet lightweight. They are also corrosion resistant, which means they can withstand moisture, heat, and other extreme weather conditions. Get a durable radius rod to ensure that it can last for a long time.

Buy a radius rod only from trusted sellers.

Whether you're buying from an online store or from a local auto parts shop, make sure that the radius arm you're buying is authentic, new, and free from damage. To be sure, buy a component that is backed by warranty. Legit car parts shops always sell products.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

11 Easy Steps to Replace Your Car's Radius Rod

A radius rod is a part of the car's suspension system and its main job is to control the wheel's motion. By connecting the axle to the frame of the car, the radius rod or radius arm prevents the wheels from moving, hopping, and bouncing too much whenever the car brakes or accelerates. When the radius arm is damaged or broken, a driver may experience the terrible brake dive; it's like being thrown forward when the car suddenly comes to a halt or a stop. It's very dangerous especially to those who often forget to use seatbelts. Immediate replacement of a defunct radius rod is very important to avoid getting into serious injuries. To those who like to try doing it on their own, here is a DIYer's guide on how to replace a car's radius rod.

Difficulty level: Moderate


  • Car jack and stands
  • Socket wrench
  • Lug wrench
  • Replacement radius rod

Step 1: Determine which side of the car needs radius rod replacement. If it's on the rear side, jack up the back part of the vehicle using the car jack. Make sure that the entire car frame is well supported by the jack stands to prevent the car from moving or shaking.

Step 2: Get the lug wrench and remove the front nut on the wheel. Take out the nuts located under the wheel hub as well. Put the nuts in a safe area so you won't lose them. Remove the wheel from your car.

Step 3: Find the radius rod. It is usually connected to the car's shock absorber. To dismount it from the shock absorber, use the wrench to take out the nuts and bolts. Remove the old radius rod from the car's suspension assembly.

Step 4: Use the socket wrench to remove the brake caliper.

Step 5: Doff the nuts and bolts at the bottom of the spring to release the spring from the axle. Place the bolts where you can find them easily for reinstallation.

Step 6: Use a socket wrench to loosen the pivot bolt on the axle arm, and then take the nut, washer, and bushing out of the radius arm.

Step 7: Pull the radius arm out of the bracket to release it.

Step 8: Get the new radius arm and push it into the bracket. Replace the bushing at the end of the radius rod if needed. Put the swivel bolt back to the axle arm. Tighten it with a wrench.

Step 9: Attach a new spring and bolt if the current are rusty. Reinstall the brake caliper.

Step 10: Mount the new radius rod to the shock absorber. Keep the bolts tight to prevent the rod from moving or wobbling.

Step 11: Put the wheel back and secure the nuts firmly in place. Remove the car from the jack and stands. Clean your working area and dispose the replaced parts properly. Drive the car to check if the new radius rod is working fine.

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