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We have 591 Items for Refrigerant In-stock.

Summer's coming up; prepare for the dry and humid weather by ensuring you've got a fully functional air conditioning system in the vehicle. Your AC provides a great level of comfort by allowing you to enjoy a cool interior temperature and to adjust the level of heat or cold inside the auto by just sliding a lever or pushing a button. To be able to function effectively, it needs to have proper refrigerant levels so the evaporator can absorb the heat inside the auto. This substance enhances the evaporating efficiency of the AC, helping change liquid into gas. Refrigerants are often made of natural components such as ammonia, carbon dioxide, and non-halogenated hydrocarbons. Unlike fluourocarbons and chlorofluourocarbons that were used as refrigerants in the past, these components do not cause a huge damage to the ozone layer and are therefore more environment-friendly. So how exactly does this substance help the air conditioning system? This fluid is the lifeline of your AC. All the components in the system would not be able to function well if they do not receive the proper amount of refrigerant. Your evaporator needs this substance to remove heat; it enters as a low pressure liquid and reaches boiling point as it passes through the evaporator's fins. Because of the refrigerant's heat-absorbing capability, the entire evaporator becomes capable of controlling the heat and the basic use of the AC is applied.

Make sure your air conditioning system is fully functional by purchasing the necessary parts and substances through Auto Parts Warehouse. With a cool interior temperature, now you can avoid that sticky and stinky feeling and maintain your passenger's ease and comfort once you decide to go on a summer getaway. Aside from the refrigerant, we also offer other lubricants and fluids needed in the vehicle such as oils, brake fluids, transmission fluids, engine coolants, power steering fluid, and more. All these items come with a low price guarantee, allowing you to keep your car hydrated without blowing out your budget. So what are you waiting for? Surely, you'll only find convenient shopping, reliable shipping, and awesome customer service all in this one place. Purchase your needed automotive products only here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Simply hit the shopping cart icon, select the items you want to add to your cart and we'll take care of the rest. We offer international shipping services so we can deliver the items you need and you can get them right at your doorstep, even if you live outside the US.