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Release Bearing Guide

We have 19 Items for Release Bearing Guide In-stock.

Rush hour traffic, your vehicle and a worn out release bearing guide-these things shouldn't mix together because the result is always disaster. Just imagine yourself, crawling along the endlessly honking stream of cars then suddenly, your clutch pedal sinks to the floor and stays there. It's hard not to panic when faced with these kinds of situations but other drivers have actually been lucky enough to find their pedals still worked for a short period of time when they tried to pull them up by hand or foot. Unfortunately, you may not be as lucky. So to avoid having that tow truck embarrassingly haul your ride in front of everyone, and pay mechanics for a severely broken clutch assembly, replace your guide immediately. Aftermarket guides are made of high-grade materials, so installing one in your vehicle will definitely prevent costly clutch problems for a long time. When installing the guide, you may want to apply a dollop of sealant on the mating surfaces to make sure the guide is secure. Once done, you will be amazed at how easy it is to engage and disengage your clutch pedal. To get started on your replacement work, get a new release bearing guide today here at Auto Parts Warehouse where we store more than 550,000 high-quality aftermarket parts and accessories for every make or model. Aside from our reliable shipping, which is one of the fastest in the industry, you can also get up to 70 percent off on regular retail prices when you deal with us! So add a new release bearing guide to your cart today to avoid worst case scenarios on the road.