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Resistor Unit

We have 3 Items for Resistor Unit In-stock.

The idea of increasing electrical resistance in a circuit seems counterintuitive at first, but it's actually necessary in all electrical devices, including those found in your car. Your vehicle's battery supplies 12 volts of DC power. However, many devices in your ride only need a voltage less than that in order to function. Directly hooking up a 2-volt LED light to a 12-volt battery will cause the light to burn out or even blow up. This is where the resistor unit comes in. It's an array of resistors-small components made of materials such as resistive carbon or metal oxide that allow current to flow through while offering great resistance, thereby lowering the voltage. Many of the electrical components of your ride, such as the A/C system or the heater, have a resistor unit equipped to ensure correct voltage and prevent part failure. In most cases, a defective resistor in your vehicle may mean that the associated device is unusable due to the circuit being cut. Sometimes, the device may still function but it will be operating at reduced performance and increased chance of malfunctioning. The electrical system of your car is one of its most vital sections, so you should pay due attention to its components. The defective resistor unit must be replaced immediately to restore the performance of the device and prevent further damage.

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