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The ring and pinion set is one of the most important components inside your vehicle's drive shaft. It's responsible for transferring rotational motion from the engine's driveshaft to your car's rear axle assembly. In time, these could wear out because of heat and friction and would need to be replaced immediately. Any problems in the ring and pinion could lead to transmission problems which could place excessive stress on the gears, which will wear them out prematurely. Should the bearing fail entirely, it could break or shatter and send metal fragments throughout the housing and damage other components. Before it breaks down entirely, have these parts replaced with the help of a ring and pinion bearing kit. A complete kit will have all the necessary components that you need in order to work on your ring and pinion. It can be a bit complicated to work on your car's ring and pinion bearing if you don't have the necessary tools or automotive know-how, so it might be best to just purchase this kit and have a mechanic work on it for you instead. Just make sure that you get a kit that is compatible with your vehicle's make and model and you should be good to go.Once you've traced your vehicle's problem down to a worn out ring and pinion bearing, it's best to have it replaced as soon as possible. Don't ignore this issue with your car as a broken ring and pinion bearing can affect other vehicle parts and cost you more in repairs in the long run. Order a ring and pinion bearing kit from Auto Parts Warehouse today and get your ride fixed in no time at all. Thanks to our huge catalog of aftermarket parts, you are sure to get the part that you need for any vehicle make or model. All of our parts and accessories are sold at heavily discounted prices with as much as 70% off from regular retail prices. We also offer other benefits such as a Price Match Guarantee, free shipping on orders above $50, flexible payment plans, as well as extended warranty options. Best of all, your orders are processed immediately so they are shipped to your doorstep as soon as possible from any of our strategically placed warehouses all over the United States. So what are you waiting for? Get a compatible aftermarket ring and pinion bearing kit from Auto Parts Warehouse right away.

Buying Guides

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Choosing the Right Ring and Pinion Bearing Kit

What is a ring and pinion bearing kit?

The ring and pinion bearing kit is a set of rings, and a club-like pinion located under the driveshaft. The components of the ring and pinion bearing kit are special toothed rings, and notched pinions that drag each other for a rotational motion. These special tooth-like notches are accurately designed to exert the right amount of torque. The slightest change from its optimal position can cause steering issues among other possible damages.

How does a ring and pinion bearing kit work?

The task of the ring and pinion bearing kit is to translate the steering motion exerted by the driver into actual wheel movement. This is done by transferring torque to the axles from the driveshaft through the complex rotations of the rings and the pinion. The set of rings and bearings function by accurately rendering the right amount of torque, and transferring it to the wheel and axle. In order to move the wheels left or right, the rings and pinion must be precisely placed to exert accurate torque power.

Why replace a broken ring and pinion bearing kit?

Once the ring and pinion bearing kit becomes dislodged, or misplaced, steering can become a problem. If the ring and pinion bearing kit is broken or dislodged, the wheels won't budge no matter how much you try to steer it. Additionally, because of the small size of the rings, dislodged ring and pinion bearing kit components can easily pass through the engine compartment, and can cause potential damage to some parts of the engine.

What to expect from a ring and pinion bearing kit?

Ring and pinion bearing kits should be resistant to heat as the constant rotation endured by the ring and pinion can easily wear out fragile materials. When purchasing a new ring and pinion bearing kit, make sure to look for polymer-based composites or carbon fiber materials to avoid damage inflicted by the daily wear and tear.

Repair Guides

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Ring and Pinion Bearing Kit Installation in 7 Steps

The ring and pinion bearing kit transfers the rotational motion coming from the engine driveshaft towards the rear axle assembly making the car wheels move as you steer. Broken ring and pinion kits can lead to transmission problems, and potential damage to other parts within the engine compartment. Unless you want additional repair costs in the long run, replace your ring and pinion bearing kit immediately. Of course, replacing the ring and pinion bearing kit isn’t easy, but here’s just what you need to guide you on replacing your broken ring and pinion bearing kit.

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Tools you’ll need:

  • Cloth
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Lug wrench
  • Ratchet
  • Needle nose pliers
  • 1/2-inch air gun
  • Air compressor
  • Gear oil
  • Drain pan
  • Step 1: Raise the rear end of your car using jack stands, and floor jacks on the axle for better clearance. Use the lug wrench to take out the lugs off from the wheels. Once the rear tires are removed, take the brake drum away from the rear brakes, and put a drain pan beneath the transmission rear tail housing.

    Step 2: Pull the driveshaft from the transmission tail housing by first removing the nuts on the U-bolts. The U-bolts can be located in the universal join between the driveshaft and the pinion yoke.

    Step 3:Remove the large pinion nut in the middle of the pinion yoke by using an air gun and socket. Detach the pinion yoke out of the pinion shaft, and place the drain pan under the rear differential. Use a socket to unhinge all of the 13 mm bolts securing the differential cover. Let the gear oil drain onto the pan.

    Step 4:Carefully turn the differential carrier off, but make sure to avoid hitting the case. Gently remove the pin bolt using a ¼-inch wrench as the pin holds the spider gears in place, without the pin holding it together, the gears can fall off.

    Step 5: Push the axle hubs inward until the C-clips are exposed. Remove the C-clips using a pair of needle nose pliers. Afterwards, pull the axles halfway from the carrier.

    Step 6: Loosely insert the holding pin after the carrier pin has been settled back to secure the spider gears in place. Once the carrier pin has been reinstalled, you can now rotate the carrier to position the clamps on a more visible area. Remove the bolts tucked in the carrier clamps with an air gun and socket.

    Step 7: Ask assistance from a professional mechanic to remove the bearings for you. Let the professional calibrate the ring and pinion differential according to your car’s specifications. Clean the carrier as well as the carrier clamps before reinstalling them onto the driveshaft.

    Step 8: Reinstall the C-clamps back to the axle hubs. Mount the wheels back to the rear axles, remove the jack stands, and go for a test drive.

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