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No need to run around the city looking for the parts you need for your drive train repair when you have a complete ring and pinion installation kit by your side. Changing bearings is a challenging task in itself but add to that the job of finding various miniscule parts and you really have a massive headache. Using the kit however, you can breeze through drive train repair or maintenance because everything you need will be in your toolbox. Kits may include splines, bolts, pinion bearings, shims and sleeves among other essential components. And these parts are anything but flimsy, too. In fact, they are stronger than your stock parts because they are made of high-grade materials that can withstand more pressure and will last a longer time. They also usually come with installation instructions so you don't need to pay the pros a single penny. If you love the idea behind this miracle solution to your drive train problem, get a new ring and pinion installation kit right now here at Auto Parts Warehouse where we stock more than 550,000 heavy-duty aftermarket parts and accessories. You know you're getting the best deal from us because of our Price Match Guarantee, which means if you find a cheaper kit elsewhere, we'll match its price for you! So go ahead and add a ring and pinion installation kit to your cart today, relax at your place, and wait for us to come knocking on your door to fix your problem.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Ring and Pinion Installation Kit: Dos and Don'ts of Buying One

Your vehicle is equipped with a ring and pinion assembly that enables it to move backward and forward and carry heavy things. If this assembly gets damaged, you'll encounter various drivetrain problems because the drive shaft, axles, and wheels will not spin properly. To avoid these problems, you need to buy a replacement assembly that is sold in a kit. Check out this guide for the dos and don'ts of buying a ring and pinion installation kit so you won't end up with substandard and mismatched parts.


  • Buy a ring and pinion installation kit that has the right gear ratio. Just like other car parts, the ring and pinion assembly varies for different vehicle makes and models. To measure your car's ring and pinion ratio, divide the number of the ring's teeth by the number of the pinion's teeth. The answer is the ratio that you need to take note of.
  • Choose an installation kit that comes with a warranty plan. Be it a limited 6-month or lifetime warranty plan, this plan will still guarantee that your purchase is free from defects. What's more, if your kit is covered by a warranty plan, you can return it if it unexpectedly breaks a few weeks or months after your purchase.


  • Don't buy from untrustworthy manufacturers. As much as possible, buy from brands that have been in the market for a long time. Also, you can check online brand analyses that are written by car experts and owners. These analyses list the pros and cons of various brands, so you'll know which brands to avoid by reading them.
  • Don't buy a ring and pinion installation kit that's too small for your vehicle. If you're going to install big tires on your vehicle, then you also need a big ring and pinion assembly. A mismatched ring and pinion assembly will decrease the overall acceleration of your vehicle.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Replacing the Ring and Pinion Using a Ring and Pinion Installation Kit

If you're experiencing drivetrain problems, then you should replace your vehicle's ring and pinion assembly immediately. Unfortunately, replacing this assembly can be very tricky especially if you don't have the correct parts. To help you accomplish this task, some car parts manufacturers sell installation kits that contain all the parts you'll need. Check this guide out for the instruction on how you can replace the ring and pinion gear with the help of a ring and pinion installation kit.

Difficulty level: Difficult

Tools you'll need:

  • Ring and pinion installation kit
  • Positraction additive
  • Screwdriver
  • Lug wrench
  • Socket and wrench sets
  • Hammer
  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Gear oil
  • Brake cleaner
  • Silicone
  • Drip pan

Step 1: Lift the rear part of your vehicle using the floor jack. Place the jack stands under the frame so the vehicle won't suddenly fall.

Step 2: Using the lug wrench, remove the lug nuts of the wheels. Then, carefully pull the wheels out of their hubs.

Step 3: Use the socket set to uninstall the drive shafts. However, don't disconnect them from the transmission.

Step 4: Remove the large pinion nuts using the socket. Then, place the drip pan underneath it.

Step 5: Detach the seal of the pinion using the screwdriver. Once the seal is off, drain the gear oil slowly.

Step 6: Loosen the lock bolts, C-clips, and pins of the axles with the socket. You can access these parts by turning the axle until the bolts are facing you.

Step 7: Once the bolts are removed, detach the pinion yoke by gently tapping its front and back parts using the hammer.

Step 8: Using the screwdriver, remove the center carrier so you can access the pinion.

Step 9: Remove the pinion by pulling it out of the housing. Make sure that you pulled the pinion together with its crush collar.

Step 10: Attach the shims of the old pinion to the new pinion. Then, place them inside the housing together with the crush collar.

Step 11: Loosen the bolts of the carrier with the socket so that it can be inserted through the ring. Afterwards, put it in the center of the replacement ring. Don't forget to tighten the bolts that hold these parts in place.

Step 12: Slide the carrier and ring inside the housing. Then, using the socket, tighten the bolts, and replace the carrier clamps.

Step 13: Put the pinion nut back in place. Tighten it with the socket until it's no longer moving.

Step 14: Replace the axles and c-clips. Then, clean the pinion seal using the brake cleaner. Don't forget to apply silicone around it. Once the silicone on the seal is dry, fill the housing with positraction additive and gear oil.

Step 15: Reinstall the wheels and other remaining parts. Afterwards, lower your car to the ground by removing the floor jack and jack stands.

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