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Rocker Arm Nut

We have 4 Items for Rocker Arm Nut In-stock.

You know the drill-your push rod pushes the rocker arm up the valves, or your cam rides on the rod in case you have an Over Head Cam (OHC) engine model, and the valves pushes down to complete one cycle of your engine's power stroke. At the same time, your rocker arm multiplies the force it receives by a factor of 1.45 to 1.7. These are truly heavy-duty functions that need equally durable rocker arm. This is why you should be very observant not only of the status of your rocker arm, but also of its rocker arm nut. It is the part that keeps the moving arm secured in place under all conditions. A break, thread damage, or lubricant loss can render this part futile. Eventually, any of these scenarios can compromise the operation of your rocker arm and hence, the engine. At the first sign of damage to your factory part then, it is best to get a replacement in its place immediately. In fact, it is best to do this as a preventive technique. You can always choose to discard and replace it whenever you administer maintenance service on your rocker arm or engine. Or, you can simply follow the recommended service life of your rocker arm nut as advised on your manual. Doing this will prevent any untoward surprises when you are already on the road. Besides, it will only cost you a little than what it can actually cause your vehicle operation if it gets damaged.

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