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Roll Bar Padding Products

The next time you roll in your jeep, make sure you have comfortable roll bar padding on your roll cage to make it a cozy ride. While pads may sometimes look the same, you need to carefully choose yours to have the best driving experience possible. First, make sure they have cutouts in the proper locations to allow for parts such as seat belts. The padding should be made of lightweight durable material 'cause you don't want it to sag or harden after just a short period of time. Furthermore, while the pads should be as soft and as comfortable as possible, they should also be firm and have additional features such as waterproof properties. You also don't want to tear your hair out installing it, so make sure the pads have hook and loop mechanisms and zippers to make installation a breeze. Once the pads are on the bars, check to see if there are any significant puckers or gaps, and if there are, you may want to look for another one that completely covers all bars seamlessly. Finally, the colors should also match your vehicle 'cause you don't the padding to make your vehicle an eyesore. Good thing we have a roll bar padding that has all these amazing features and more here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Our Price Match Guarantee means that if you find a cheaper padding elsewhere, we'll match its price for you, and ship it extremely fast and secure! So go ahead and order a new roll bar padding today and roll up while cozying up in your vehicle.

Buying Guides

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How to Choose a Roll Bar Padding

In case of vehicle rollover, you've armed your ride with some sturdy roll bars. In order to increase its ability to displace weight across the chassis, you may want to purchase some new roll bar padding. This padding in addition to adding more passenger security in the event of rollover, padding also helps protect and preserve the roll bar, keeping it in fighting form for a longer period of time. If you're looking to replace worn padding or simply in the market for brand-new padding, then here are a few must-know facts about this item.

Types of roll bar padding

  1. SFI safety-rated padding- This should be used in the areas nearest to the driver, because it's tried and tested to withstand heavy impact. Be advised, though, that this component is not fireproof.
  2. Non-certified padding- If you are to use non-certified padding, then use them only in non-critical areas like the point farthest from the driver.

It goes without saying that you should opt for the SFI safety-rated padding in order to provide yourself with optimum protection in the event of a rollover. Always check with the supplier first whether or not the roll bar padding your getting is certified.

Styles of roll bar padding

There are two styles of roll bar padding: the first being a round adding with a slit in the middle, and the second being having a flat side. The first style is pretty common, and its slit allows you to slap it onto the roll bar with great ease. The other pad is immensely superior to the more common one. This padding comes with a flat surface molded into the side with makes contact with the vehicle, on the side facing the driver. This C-shaped padding is affixed to the roll bar using a molded-in adhesive, keeping it secured in place.

Things to consider before buying

  • When it comes to installation, look for padding that can be attached via zippers, hooks, loops, and/ or Velcro. Brands such as Rugged Ridge and Bestop offer such roll bar paddings.
  • Look into FIA Type A padding, which is very sturdy. This variety of roll bar padding isn't round, making its shape rather unique, and it is widely used in the motor sports industry.

Repair Guides

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Replacing Your Roll Bar Padding

Your roll bar padding adds some extra passenger security in case of rollover and you'll want to keep these pads in good condition. However, this padding can eventually get worn out, especially if exposed like at the back of a pickup. Padding damage can ruin the look of your ride and it is also unacceptable, because it will not provide you with the safety you desire. To remedy such problems, you must replace your busted roll bar padding with a new one as soon as possible. If you buy aftermarket padding that's easy to install, then this DIY job should be quick and painless.

Difficulty level: Easy

What you'll need:

  • Safety gloves
  • Putty knife
  • Clean cloth and warm water
  • Replacement roll bar padding
  • Installation hardware (provided with the replacement padding)

Step 1: Just to be on the safe side, put on some gloves to help protect your hands before starting with your repair job.

Step 2: If your padding has a cover, then unzip it and remove it.

Step 3: Now remove the padding itself. You'll do this by grabbing one end of the pad with your hands and pulling it upwards and away from the roll bar.

Step 4: After removing the old padding, set it aside and begin removing any adhesive remnants (if necessary) using a putty scraped.

Step 5: Clean off the roll bar with a clean piece of cloth and warm water. Make sure to remove any debris that could be collected between the roll bar and the new padding.

Step 6: Leave the roll bar to dry for a few minutes then start applying the new padding.

Step 7: Padding installation varies with the type of hardware your roll bar padding comes with. If you're using an adhesive, like double-sided tape or Velcro tape, then distribute it evenly on the inner side of the padding before attaching it to the roll bar. If you're using loops or cable tie, then simply use them to securely fasten the padding to the bars.

Step 8: Once your new roll bar padding is in place, make sure it's securely attached and you're all set.


You may want to warm your new roll bar padding by taking it out and loosening it up. Gently bend and fold the padding, mimicking the contour of the roll bar where it will be placed. This will make the padding easier to work with and will also prevent tearing.

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