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Life is not a smooth-sailing journey. There are bumps and pits along the way, and these challenging situations can either make or break you as a person. That's why, it's very crucial to maintain stability and perfect balance at all times. The same is actually true when it comes to your vehicle. And to maintain this essential balance, your car needs a reliable roll bar. Just like life, not all roads and highways are smooth. Most of the time, they're uneven, rocky, bumpy, and rough. These road irregularities may cause vehicle roll and jeopardize your safety. Your vehicle won't have the capacity to maintain its balance by itself. It would flip over if the equilibrium is disrupted. The shocks, struts, or springs may counteract vertical forces, but the suspension assembly alone does not have the power to neutralize vehicle roll. Only an efficient and heavy-duty roll bar can do that.Often referred to as stabilizers or sway bars, a roll bar is a vital part of the suspension system and largely reduces vehicle roll caused by road irregularities. It is a U-shaped torsion spring bar made of sturdy steel and resists roll motions when the vehicle is cornering. These roll bars are mounted to your car's chassis and stays in a neutral position until a change in suspension travel is detected. Upon cornering, the roll bar twists and counters the vehicle's lean. This torsion is used to minimize the body roll for maximum safety. Affordable roll bars are available here at Auto Parts Warehouse, your one-stop online auto parts store that offers over 550,000 car parts and accessories for various makes and models. Everything we have in stock is budget-friendly, so there's no need for you to empty your bank account just to get quality replacement parts for your vehicle. Besides, maintaining your car doesn't have to be expensive. With our extensive selection of reasonably priced parts from topnotch brands, you'll surely get your money's worth each time you make a purchase from us. We also have a Low Price Guarantee, so if you find a lower price for the same product somewhere else, we'll match or beat that price. Don't know where to start? Well, you can always contact us via our toll-free number or live chat service for assistance. Our friendly customer service agents are ready to help you anytime of the day or night. So, what are you waiting for? Scan our catalog today and get a brand new roll bar for your ride.

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Date Published:

Choosing the Right Roll Bar for Your Vehicle

Rollovers are one of the most common accidents that we face whenever weíre out on a race or traveling off-road. As such, itís best that we protect ourselves, and our passengers, with a roll bar. This device is intended to protect people in a vehicle in case it rolls over. The roll bar will displace the weight of the vehicle around it and into the chassis, which prevents the roof or even the sides of the vehicle from collapsing on to its passengers. Be careful though. Roll bars arenít made equally, and some are even just for show.

Show bars wonít protect you in case of a crash

Most vehicle owners drive street cars that arenít equipped with a roll bar but are in fact utilizing a show bar instead. These are basically non-functioning systems that are pretty much just installed for aesthetic purposes. If a vehicle equipped with a show bar accidentally rolls over, then the show bar will simply collapse under the weight of the car since it has little to no structural value when compared to a real roll bar.

Get a roll bar based on your driving needs

Most dealers online will have details about a roll barís construction and the materials that theyíre made from, so it wonít be hard for you to get one that will suit your needs. Roll bars that are made from one-piece steel tubing are very strong, and are enough protection for light off-road use. But if you are competing professionally in a weekend race, then youíll want to get roll bars that are made from stronger materials like chrome-molly steel, which are lighter and stronger than steel tubing.

Prices for roll bars vary depending on your vehicle, the materials that theyíre made from, and the features that they carry. Prices range from as low as $60 for simple models to as high as $1000 on high-end ones.

Do keep in mind that roll bars arenít a fool-proof way of ensuring your safety in case of a roll over, especially at very high speeds. In the end, thereís really no substitute for safe driving.

Repair Guides
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Date Published:

Upgrade Your Vehicle with a Roll Bar

Roll bars are must have components for vehicles that go through rough terrain or for those that are driven in a race track. A properly installed roll bar can give drivers some additional protection should the vehicle roll over. Compared to a roll cage that runs around the entire interior of a car, the roll bar is simply a hoop of tubular steel that is bolted behind the front seats. Most roll bars are simply bolted on to the vehicle, so you wonít have a hard time installing them yourself. With the right tools and know-how, youíll be able to install one in your car in no time at all.

Difficulty level: Moderate

What youíll need

  • Socket set and ratchet
  • Power drill
  • Drill bits
  • Compatible roll bar
  • Jack and jack stands

Step 1: Begin by removing the front seats of your vehicle by loosening its mounting bolts. Most seats are usually just slid all the way back to access the front bolts, then slid all the way to the front to remove the rear bolts.

Step 2: Next, youíll need to remove the back seats of your vehicle. You probably wonít be bringing passengers if youíll be installing a roll bar. Whether itís for an off-road pickup, or for a weekend race, youíll need to remove the back seats since thatís where the roll bar will be bolted on. Remember to store your back seats in a safe and dry place.

Step 3: Once youíve removed the rear seats, youíll need to properly mount your roll bar. Most roll bar designs are made for a specific vehicle make and model, so the mounting plates that come with the roll bar should match the area where theyíll be installed in the vehicle.

Step 4: If you want to keep your vehicleís carpet, you could install the roll bar on top of it by simply making a hole where the bolts go through. Otherwise, youíll need to pull off your carpet entirely.

Step 5: After youíve pulled out or made a hole in your carpet, youíll have to make a corresponding mark on the base of your car so you could drill through the sheet metal. Mark where the holes in your roll bar are located onto your carís floor.

Step 6: Proceed to drill through the marks slowly. Drill as many holes as there are bolt holes in the base of your roll bar. Make sure that you use the right sized drill bit that corresponds with the holes in your roll barís base.

Step 7: You should place the carpet back on now if you plan to install your roll bar on top of them. If not, simply line up your roll bar with the holes that youíve made and slide down the appropriate bolts.

Step 8: Youíll need to jack up your car and install the nuts underneath your vehicle. Make sure that you bolt them into place using the appropriate washers and backing plates. Tighten the nuts using a socket and ratchet.

Step 9: Reinstall your carís front seats and you are done installing your roll bars.