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When the hatchback can't take any more of your camping equipment and you just can't leave anything behind, you need a roof rack. The rack is in the form of steel bars that fit over the roof of your vehicle to secure your extra cargo. It's not only families on weekend camping or skiing trips who find the rack useful, but also professionals like technicians who must bring various ladders and poles on the road. The roof rack is also extremely handy when you find yourself in an emergency situation where you need to haul large cargo, such as mountain bikes or canoes, but the trunk and passenger compartment just don't have enough space. Finally, a rack can also improve your vehicle's style as many racks today have superb designs that accentuate your vehicle. Some racks are easily installed through innovative mounting mechanisms while others require drilling. Don't bother wandering off to lesser sites and shops because we have the finest roof rack right here at Auto Parts Warehouse where our collection of heavy-duty aftermarket parts and accessories exceed 550,000. We also know you love great bargains, so we're giving you massive discounts and the chance to get up to 70% off on regular retail prices! Shop for a new roof rack today to have the capability to carry absolutely anything on your car whenever, wherever.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Bring All Your Gear with the Perfect Roof Rack

When you're off for a weekend adventure, you want to make sure that you can bring all the necessary equipment with you. Whether its bikes, kayaks, surfboards, or any other gear that wouldn't fit in the trunk, you'd definitely need a great roof rack on your ride. There are literally thousands of aftermarket roof racks in the market today and it can get pretty confusing to get the right design for your vehicle. Let our quick guide help you choose the right roof rack that'll fit perfectly with your needs and budget.

What gear are you bringing?

The most important thing that you'll need to consider when getting a roof rack is that it would be able to bring your equipment with you safely and securely. You won't be able to carry your snowboard if your rack was designed to handle bikes, so it's best to choose one that'll be able to fit your gear. Thankfully, modern roof racks now offer modular designs where the carriers can be adapted to fit a variety of equipment and accessories. If you're the type of person who'll be bringing different kinds of gear depending on your planned activity, then it's best to go with a rack that can be adjusted to fit different kinds of equipment.

Which rack will fit your vehicle's roof?

You'll want a rack that's designed specifically for your vehicle, or more importantly, one that was made to fit on your ride's roof. Check the rack's specifications to see if it's designed to fit on your vehicle, whether you have a naked roof, factory installed side-rails, or even pre-installed flat tracks. If you're not particularly sure, then don't hesitate to ask your vendor about a particular rack's compatibility with your vehicle.

Stick with what you need and stay within your budget

Nowadays, you can practically get a roof rack for any kind of vehicle, but prices can vary depending on a rack's materials and design. We advise you to stick to a particular rack that's meant to carry the gear that you'll be bringing. There's no point in getting a rack that can be fitted with multiple accessories for snow skis if you don't plan on taking up the sport. However, if you're the adventurous type who'll be seeking multiple sports or activities, then it's better to invest in a modular rack that can fit a wide array of equipment, so you can change it up depending on the gear you're carrying.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

How to Properly Mount Your Car's Roof Rack

Roof racks are essential add-ons for people who need the extra cargo space on their cars, especially when they tend to bring items like bikes, kayaks, and other gear that simply won't fit in their vehicle's trunk. There are tons of roof rack designs that are available in the market these days, so make sure that you get one that'll meet your needs. Some vehicles would have pre-installed mounts for roof racks on them, making it easier to install compatible designs. But for most cars, you'll need to drill some holes on the roof to properly mount them. Go through our quick guide to make sure that you get your rack mounted right, without damaging your car's roof in the process.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools that you'll need:

  • Drill
  • Measuring Tape
  • Permanent Marker
  • Screwdriver
  • Roof Rack

Quick Tip

Check your roof rack's instruction manual and see if you could install it without drilling any holes on your vehicle. Some designs will allow you to fasten the rack on the side rails of your car, but make sure that this type of rack would be able to carry the items that you'll be bringing with you securely.


Step 1: We recommend that you thoroughly wash your car before you begin installing your roof rack. Dust and debris can interfere with the installation process, or obscure any marks that you'll make when drilling holes on your vehicle's roof.

Step 2: We'd also want to recommend that you wax and buff your car before you start working on it in order to further protect it from accidental scratches when drilling holes and mounting your roof rack.

Step 3: Once you've cleaned and polished your vehicle, you should assemble your rack together according to directions stated in its manual.

Step 4: Set the rack on top of your car and measure its place on your roof to ensure that it is properly centered.

Step 5: Carefully mark the mounting holes from the roof rack and make sure that you place them precisely since you'll be drilling holes into them.

Step 6: From here, you should slowly drill out the mounting holes on your car's roof. Make sure that you don't drill the holes too big since you'd want the roof rack's mounting bolts to create a perfect seal on your roof so that rain or debris would not seep through.

Step 7: Once you're done drilling, you should place your rack's mounts on top of the holes and bolt them into place securely.

Step 8: Most roof racks would come with no-slip strips that you'd need to apply on your roof, to further protect it from any accidental scratching. Apply this properly or get additional aftermarket no-slip strips if necessary.

Step 9: You may need to adjust your roof rack itself, to make sure that its width is proportional to your vehicle. But other than that, you'll be able strap on your gear up top and be good to go.

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