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Running Board Gap Strip

We have 2 Items for Running Board Gap Strip In-stock.

Boarding an auto that features a high ground clearance is definitely a hassle, especially if you're in a hurry or if you need to load something heavy. Climb in and out of your ride with ease by using a top-notch running board. This is an easy-to-install add-on that is placed on the sides of the cab, usually used in trucks and SUVs. You can install it on the back of a pickup truck or on the sides of the passenger cabin. You can complete your set of boards by adding a running board gap strip; together with the boards, the gap strip will make hopping into your ride a lot faster and safer. This strip helps covers spaces in the board that can cause someone to trip and get hurt. It is a great way to prevent slippage and improve the foothold on the boards; with this unit, you won't have to worry about pulling hammy every time you step inside the auto. Some auto enthusiasts install running boards to customize the look of their ride; the gap strip is a great add-on that provides a strong seal that protects the running boards against damaging debris. With this product, not only can you improve the use of the boards, you can also boost its durability and extend its service life.

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