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Running board lights are a must in any customization work. After all, what's customization without flashy lights that make your vehicle truly a beacon of awesomeness at night? The great thing about these lights is that they not only make your vehicle look so much cooler but they also make entering and exiting your vehicle a lot safer. Some lights turn on whenever you open the doors of your vehicle while others stay on as long as the headlights are activated. Amazingly, some of these lights even function as turn signal lights when you activate the blinker. Now, that's a useful and stylish tool anyone would want in their vehicle! Many of aftermarket lights today are covered in weatherproof materials, so they will light up even in the harshest weather conditions. For the most heavy-duty aftermarket running board lights, check our comprehensive catalog now here at Auto Parts Warehouse where our massive inventory includes over 550,000 high-quality parts and accessories. Your face will surely light up once you avail of our Price Match Guarantee, which means if you find cheaper lights somewhere else, we'll match their price just for you! So go on and shop for new running board lights today to have a totally sweet and safe ride that's hard to miss even in the dark.

Buying Guides

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Things to Consider When Buying Running Board Lights

Running boards are available in numerous styles and colors, but your SUV isn't equipped with these merely for aesthetic reasons. After all, the main purpose of running boards is to make your SUV easily accessible to its passengers, to allow them to enter and exit your vehicle in a safer manner.

The same could be said for running board lights. Yes, they can be fancy like the running boards; however, their primary function is to enhance the safety of SUV passengers (again, just like running boards). Running board lights are naturally useful during night time. With running board lights, passengers can see where the running boards are when stepping in or out of the SUV. The lights also help in increasing road visibility when driving at night.

Now, there are two reasons why you'd want to replace your SUV's running board lights. It's either the lights are busted or you want to spruce up the look of your SUV. Regardless of your reason, we recommend that you go for LED running board lights.

Why LED?

In general, LED lights are superior in every way copared to standard lights. LED running board lights aren't an exception. Below are some of the advantages of LED running board lights.

Longer Lifespan

When you purchase LED running board lights, you can bet your house that you won't have to replace it again-ever. It's because LED lights lasts far longer than standard lights.

Superior Durability

Since running board lights are located in a very vulnerable position, it's important that they're durable. LED running board lights are exactly that. They're water-resistant as well.


Yes, LED lights are part of the green team. And as you know, that's always a plus.

Other Considerations

Although most running board lights are made to fit most vehicles, it won't hurt to make sure that the lights you purchase will indeed meet the specifications of your vehicle. You can go crazy on your color choices once you find lights that fit perfectly.

LED running board lights aren't pricey. In fact, you can get them for as low as approximately $25.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

DIY Project: Replace Your Ford Expedition's Running Board Lights

Running board lights aren't all flash. Yes, they're stylish, but that's not all they contribute to your beloved Ford Expedition. Running board lights help in safety as well. Since the Ford Expedition is quite a tall vehicle, you'd need the aid of running boards to make it easy for you to climb in and out of your SUV. The lights are there to make sure that you won't miss the running boards as you enter or exit the Expedition. Aside from that, running board lights also help increase your vehicle's road visibility at night.

Don't worry if your Expedition's running board lights become busted-you can always replace them. Installing new lights isn't difficult. In fact, it'll only take you several minutes. We'll guide you on how to do that step by step.

Difficulty level: Easy

  • Flat-head screwdriver

Step 1: Park your vehicle on a level surface. Chock the wheels and activate the parking brake.

Step 2: Find the running board light assemblies on the running boards. There should be four of them on each board.

Step 3: Grab your flat-head screwdriver and use it to pry away the cover of one assembly.

Step 4: You'll find the socket once the cover is off. Pull out the socket and remove the old bulb that's attached to it.

Step 5: Now is the best time to clean the running board light assembly. We recommend that you do that in order to maximize the illumination of your running board lights. With those said, get a slightly damp rag and start wiping both the cover and the assembly. Wipe them dry afterwards.

Step 6: Place the new bulb in the socket and put it back into the assembly. After that, reattach the assembly cover.

Step 7: Test the running board light. Hopefully, it works.

Step 8: If you've got several bulbs to replace, repeat the previous steps for the other assemblies.

Now, when your running board lights won't turn on even if they're relatively new, then perhaps the bulbs aren't the issue. The problem may lie in the running board light fuse instead. There's no need to worry if the fuse is the problem as replacing it is just as easy as running board lights.

Difficulty level: Easy

  • Socket wrench
  • Fuse puller (found in the fuse box)

Step 1: Before you get to work, make sure that the engine is cool. Pop the hood afterwards and disconnect the battery's negative terminal.

Step 2: Locate the fuse box behind the battery and remove its cover.

Step 3: Grab the fuse puller and use it to take out the number 9 fuse.

Step 4: Put the new fuse (make sure that it's of the same amperage) in place the of the old one.

Step 5: Cover the fuse box and reconnect the battery's negative terminal.

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