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Do you live near the beach or any bodies of salt water? Do you know that vehicles used around these areas are more prone to corrosion? You see, in areas near seas or oceans, metals do corrode faster. Blame this to the presence of salt in the humidity in the air and you've got a perfect catalyst for corrosion. This is why you need to take better care of your vehicles because rust isn't only bad for your car's looks, it also eats up the metal components of is underpinnings, making it corrode and weak. While rust protection systems offered by professional rustproofing companies can stop rust from building up on your vehicle, it may also take its toll on your wallets, leaving you with not much money left in them. Wish there was a more affordable rust protection solution for your ride? Then you should get a Rust Protector for your ride now! Comes in aerosol cans, a Rust Protector helps extend your motor vehicle's various metal components by providing a layer of water and air tight covering. By isolating these metal parts from air and moisture, this helps slow down, if not stop corrosion from eating you're your vehicle's important metal parts. Since this is a spray-on product, you can have access and protect even the tightest places in your vehicle's underbody, giving it unmatched protection at a fraction of the price. This is perfect for leaf springs, suspension components and other parts of your vehicle's underchassis for a layer of this won't crack or chip, giving long-lasting rust protection for your vehicle.The power to protect your vehicle is in your hands, for Auto Parts Warehouse is giving you easy access to the Rust Protector that your vehicle needs. With more than half a million products in our extensive and comprehensive catalog, you can now choose the solution to best protect your vehicle and make it perform better, for longer. Giving customers nothing but a selection of the best products and car care solutions from top companies around the world for almost two decades now, Auto Parts Warehouse helps you take care of your car better with products that best fit and complement your vehicle and get them at up 70 % off courtesy of our Price Match Guarantee. Keep your vehicle rust-free and stop them from deteriorating fast by getting that Rust Protector your vehicle needs. Have that enjoyable, worry-free drive with the help of products from Auto Parts Warehouse.

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How to Choose the Best Rust Protector

Rust protection is an important maintenance regimen for your car. Modern technology has made cars withstand oxidation longer compared to models manufactured back in the 1970s. In short, car owners nowadays see rust in the later years of the vehicle. Despite that, rusting remains a natural phenomenon that occurs in all steel and metallic car parts, and rust build-up is only hastened by overexposure to oxidizing elements like water, salt, and air. Still, you can prevent the fast emergence of rust on your vehicle by using rust protectors on a periodic basis.

Rust-proofing types

Rust-proofing is a method wherein chemicals or electric impulses are applied to the inside body and exterior of a car to prevent rusting. Although the demands for rust-proofing have declined due to the introduction of other rust-prevention systems, this method is still preferred by car owners residing in snowy regions. Rust-proofing can be chemical and electronic. Chemical systems include applying a chemical undercoat on the chassis prior to protective paint, while electronic ones use programmed coolers to produce electric charges that interfere with the corrosion process. Some chemical systems also protect the exterior body of the vehicle. These systems are available in kits and can be purchased online. The prices vary according to the provider, but they are generally between $100 and $200.

Rust inhibitor versus rust converter

A rust inhibitor is a compound that slows the rate of corrosion in metals and alloys. A rust converter, in contrast, is a chemical that converts rust into a protective coating for the metal parts of a car. Like what others say, there is no foolproof solution to rusting, but these two can considerably halt the degenerative effects of rust on your vehicle. Factors like geographic location, weather, and maintenance habits really affect the effectiveness of any treatment. But if you want to rust-proof your car, opt for grease-like protectors because they creep better than tar-based ones.


If rust protection is really an important matter and the mentioned treatments look dubious to you, you may choose to rust-proof your car yourself. You can purchase aerosol sprays that are chemically formulated to convert your car's rust into a waterproof primer. This method is cheaper because you do not need any specialist's assistance. But compared with other one-time solutions offered by anti-corrosion providers, this method may be a quick-fix resolve depending on the exposure rate of your car to those mentioned rust-generating factors.

Repair Guides

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How to Properly Use Rust Protectors

Rust is one sign of an aging car. This flaky, brown coating can either be found on the undercarriage or on the exposed parts of the car's body. Although rusting eventually happens as the metal parts of the car age (with the action of salt, snow, and rain), this can actually be slowed down with the use of rust protectors. These products have a chemical compound that decreases the corrosion rate of metals and alloys when added to a liquid or gas. If you want to keep your car looking new and polished, you must know how to properly apply rust-protective products to the rust-prone parts of your car.

Note: Make sure that the surfaces you are applying protection on (undercarriage or body) are clean or sanded.

Difficulty level: Easy


  • Rust protector
  • Spray gun
  • Thinner
  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Goggles
  • Hair net or cover

Step 1: Make sure that you work in a closed but ventilated area. You do not want dust, hair, or small debris from sticking to the surface of your car while the coating is still wet.

Step 2: Put on your protective gear. Rust protectors in spray cans have chemicals that may be harsh for your eyes, skin, and lungs.

Step 3: Thin the chemical protector according to the manufacturer's instructions. Transfer it to a clean spray gun. Cover the parts of the car that will not be coated with old newspaper.

Step 4: Hold the spray gun with the tip ten inches away from the surface of the car's body. Spray horizontally from left to right. Do this until the whole car is fully coated.

Step 5: Apply two more coats and let the coating dry completely.

Step 6: If you are applying spray coating to the underside of the car, make sure that the car is put on a lift. The car must be high enough to prevent the spray from getting in contact with your skin.

Step 7: Spray the protective coating on the metal parts of the undercarriage. Make sure that all nooks and crannies are covered.

Step 8: Clean the spray gun immediately after use to prevent damage to its parts. Let the coating dry completely. Maintain the car's coating by rinsing it once a week.

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