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Safety Glasses

We have 2,659 Items for Safety Glasses In-stock.

Over 2,000 people injure their eyes at work each day-almost none of which would happen if everyone's wearing safety glasses. Car owners are included in this grisly statistic. Many of them work on their DIY troubleshooting or customization tasks without wearing eye protection gear. It's so easy to get your eyes injured while working in the garage. While prying something under the hood, a loose screw or nut can come flying out of an assembly and hit you directly in the eyes. The result is a whole lot of pain and a pile of hospital bills that you would have avoided if you only wore eye protection. Many types of safety glasses today have distortion-free lenses and are OSHA-compliant. Most of them can also fit over personal glasses, so you can have perfect vision even with these glasses on. To get the best safety glasses for your eyes, check out our extensive catalog now here at Auto Parts Warehouse. We are the number one choice for aftermarket auto parts, accessories and tools because of our massive discounts and our Price Match Guarantee, which means if you find cheaper glasses elsewhere, we'll match their price for you! Order now and avoid being counted as one of the unfortunate ones who have messed up or lost their vision because of carelessness.