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We have 45 Items for Screwdriver In-stock.

Your friend Tommy said he'd just borrow your screwdriver for his little garage project but he never returned it and now you can never get it back 'cause he moved to the other coast. That may be the reason why you're looking for a new screwdriver. Or maybe you're simply not satisfied with your rusty old one and you need a new one for the big customization work coming up. Whatever the reason is, chill out 'cause there are lots of amazing screwdrivers for you to choose from. You have the option whether to choose the old manual kind or an automatic type, which automatically drills screws using batteries. Whatever you choose, be sure that its handle is easy to grip, so your hands don't slip even when you're applying great pressure. It should also have a detachable head and several bits to drive any type of screw into your vehicle. Finally, it's also best to go for the magnetic type since you don't want your screws falling into narrow unreachable slits and slots while you're working on them. If you want that kind of tool, we're glad to tell you we have it right here with us at Auto Parts Warehouse where our massive collection of heavy-duty parts, accessories and tools exceed 550,000! Aside from the enormous discounts you can get, you can also avail of our Price Match Guarantee, which means if you find a cheaper tool elsewhere, we'll match its price for you. So shop for a new screwdriver today, but be careful not to let your friends borrow it again 'cause they might not return it for it'll be so good.