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Seat Belt Loop

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Statistics show that each year, about 40,000 individuals pass away in vehicle accidents. If all vehicles are outfitted with well-functioning seat belts, fatalities in almost half of these mishaps could have been prevented. Automotive seat belts usually come with three points of connection. To wear them, one strap is pulled out of two holders, the other one above the head to the left of the driver, and the last one is positioned on the left or right side of the seat. At the top of the metal buckle is a seat belt loop where the said strap runs through. This loop allows you to pull the strap to the third point of connection across your lap. You'll also find a receptacle where the belt's metal buckle is locked securely in place. Made from a durable nylon webbing material, seat belts are capable of handling hundreds of pounds of pressure, so they're able to keep you from hitting the windshield, the dashboard, or the steering wheel during hard braking. Wondering why the seat belt of middle back-seat riders only has a strap that usually goes across the lap? It's because there is no obstruction in front of the occupant. Since seat belts are very important for your driving safety, some vehicles have a light on the dashboard that comes on if there's a belt that's not properly locked. The said warning usually goes off once the belt is put on correctly.

The seat belt loop helps provide the safety belts with enough flexibility to enable the driver and the passengers to move forward whenever they need to do something on the dash like when getting something from the glove compartment or when adjusting the music player. As soon as the driver steps on the brake and his body moves forward, the seat belt locks in front of him to keep his body from banging on the steering wheel or the windshield. Because of the seat belt's importance, you shouldn't ignore a malfunctioning or a damaged seat belt. When you notice that one of its components is damaged, have it replaced right away so as not to compromise your safety. If it's a replacement seat belt loop you're looking for, you've come to the right place. Auto Parts Warehouse has been in the industry for many years now, offering every vehicle owner with outstanding, most affordable solutions for their auto part needs. Browse our catalog now and post your order.