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Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death and injury in the United States, 40,000 deaths every year. Even more tragically, many of those deaths could have been prevented if the people in the car had just been wearing a seat belt. The humble seat belt, a simple fabric strap and some connecting hardware, is truly one of the life savers of the modern age. When your car stops suddenly or a rapid force is applied to the belt hardware, a special device locks the belt in place, restraining you safely in your seat. This restraining action keeps you from going face-first into the dash or the seat ahead of you, saving you bumps, bruises and contusions, and quite possibly saving your life. At just 30 miles per hour, hitting the inside of your car is literally like falling three stories, not something you want to do every day! Keeping yourself and your family safe by always wearing your seat belts is a great start, but remember, your seat belts can deteriorate with time and wear. Straps get frayed, buckling hardware can become corroded or jammed, and sometimes the belt just gets old. Play it safe, when your belts start showing any sign of wear or poor functioning, it's time for a replacement. Fortunately, we stock high quality OEM and aftermarket belts that will keep you riding in safety and style. Shipping is always free on orders over $50, and we are here 24/7 to meet your every seat belt need. Don't delay, order today.

Buying Guides

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Safety First: How to Choose the Best Seat Belt

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said that almost 13,000 people are saved every year by seat belts. Also called safety belts, seat belts are designed to protect passengers in case of collisions or sudden stops. They also reduce the risk of death for front-seat passengers by almost 50 percent in vehicular accidents.

If your car's seat belts are already worn, you must replace them ASAP. Seat belts that won't buckle or retract properly will only cause more damage. Though replacing seat belts is easy, choosing the best isn't. If you want new seat belts, there are some important things to consider, so you won't regret your purchase and sacrifice your safety.

Types of seat belt

Nowadays, cars can be equipped with different types of seat belts. Though they are all designed to keep you safe, you should know which type of seat belt is best for you.

  • Two-point: Basically, two-point seat belts have two attachment points. But because of the possibility of paralysis, two-point belts have been revised over the years.
  • Three-point: A three-point belt is similar to the two-point belt, but it's unitized. In case of a collision, the three-point seat belt distributes the energy of the moving body in three points: chest, pelvis, and shoulders.
  • Belt-in-Seat: Also called BIS, belt-in-seats are attached to the car seat rather than the vehicle structure.
  • 4-,5-, and 6-point belts: Typically found in child seats and race cars, these kinds of seat belts can cause injuries when installed in vehicles that aren't meant to have them. They can also cause paralysis if the car equipped with these kinds of belts doesn't have enough strength to prevent roof collapse during vehicle rollovers.

Proper seat belt fit

The best seat belt should fit you perfectly. According to the NHTSA, seat belts should fit across your shoulders and the middle of your chest. If you want to have a lap belt, it should go below your stomach and across your hips. For better and more adjustable seat belts, car dealers provide seat belt adjusters. If you're wondering, these guidelines also apply to children.

The best brand

Seat belts, just like other car parts, are widely manufactured because they eventually get damaged. Typically, seat belts range from $20 to $250. Price influences quality, so it's best to buy seat belts from trustworthy brands that don't sacrifice cost for quality.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

DIY: Replacing Worn Seat Belts

Seat belts are very important when it comes to car safety. They are safety harnesses that are designed to secure passengers in case of collisions or sudden stops. If your car's seat belts are already worn, they have to be replaced immediately. This DIY guide will teach you how you can replace your car's seat belts-from retractor to buckle- in your own garage.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools You'll Need:

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • New seat belts

Step 1: Find the bolts that secure your worn seat belt. These bolts are covered by a plastic top that you can pry with your hands or with a screwdriver. Depending on your car's model and make, the bolts may be at the floor, side panel, or side of the seat. Also, some seat belts are secured by one bolt, while others are secure by two or three bolts.

Step 2: Once you located the bolts, unbolt them with a wrench. If your car has a three-point seat belt, you have to unbolt the buckle, shoulder strap, and lap belt. If your car has a lap belt, then you have to unbolt the buckle and belt.

Step 3: Align the new retractor to the holes that you made when you unbolted the old retractor. Then, bolt it into place using your wrench. If you're attaching a three-point seat belt, connect the shoulder and lap belt before bolting them in place.

Step 4: Get the new buckle, and bolt it properly with your wrench. Once the buckle is in place, insert the seat belt's tongue into the buckle.

Step 5: To ensure that the seat belt is properly installed, pull the seat belt several times. If the belt stays locked, you installed the seat belt correctly. If it doesn't stay locked, make sure that all bolts are secured and tightened. Repeat all the steps to replace all your worn seat belts.

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