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AC Belt Tensioner

A/C Belt Tensioner

Say goodbye to a loose A/C belt with a 4 Seasons A/C belt tensioner. Designed for keeping the correct amount of tension in the A/C belt, this component ensures that the A/C compressor receives sufficient amount of engine power at all times and that the A/C assembly remains functional in all driving conditions. There are different belt tensioners out there, but the 4 Seasons A/C belt tensioner provides several advantages. One, it can take up slack on the belt automatically, so belt slipping is avoided. And two, it prevents over-tightening, which can lead to the snapping of the belt. And because it fits well, you can be sure it will work efficiently with other parts in your vehicle. So, restore the efficiency of your car's A/C assembly by replacing its damaged tensioner with a new OE 4 Seasons A/C belt tensioner. Get one here in our site at a very affordable price.

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AC Blower Motor

A/C Blower Motor

Proper ventilation is important inside your car cabin, both for your wellbeing and convenience. This is maintained by the air conditioning system and its parts, one of which is the blower motor. If you want the best motor, go for a 4 Seasons A/C Blower Motor! This component is offered by a leading manufacturer of climate control parts for a wide range of automobiles. The blower motor is the part of the air conditioning system that turns the A/C fan, a 'squirrel cage' type of fan that blows air into your car cabin. It is installed inside a housing and is placed in a location surrounding such A/C parts as the heater core, evaporator, and several air control doors. The blower motor offered by 4 Seasons is a magnetic type of motor that is designed to work continuously as needed. It comes with different self-aligning bearings that ensure the motor's long service life.

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AC Clutch

A/C Clutch

Keep your car's A/C system in top shape by equipping it with high-quality parts, and don't forget to obtain a new 4 Seasons A/C clutch! This clutch works with the compressor in the A/C assembly. The compressor is the component that enables refrigerant to circulate within the A/C, and it is driven by the serpentine belt. It works with a clutch that engages and disengages the compressor according to the temperature needs in your cabin. When the temperature is below the set temp, the clutch engages to make the A/C work. But, once the correct temperature is already attained, the clutch disengages to allow the engine to work without additional load. Needless to say, the condition of the clutch determines the efficiency of the A/C compressor and the overall health of the A/C assembly. Keep the assembly working well by getting a new 4 Seasons A/C clutch and other A/C parts. Browse our user-friendly catalog to find the right clutch for your vehicle.

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AC Compressor

A/C Compressor

Keep your car's A/C system functioning well with the right components of top quality—one of the parts you must have in your A/C assembly is a 4 Seasons A/C compressor. This is the main part of the A/C system, the component that compresses and pumps the refrigerant all throughout the assembly. You can look at it as a pump that is driven by the engine, made up of an intake side and a discharge side. Every time you activate your car's air conditioning unit, the compressor is powered and it draws in the refrigerant coming from the evaporator outlet, pumps it out, and discharges it under high pressure in order to allow it to circulate around. There are different compressors offered today, but the 4 Seasons A/C compressor has an edge because it is an OE part that is perfect for replacing the factory component that you have in your auto.

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AC Evaporator

A/C Evaporator

Maintain the ideal temperature inside your vehicle cabin with a 4 Seasons A/C evaporator. The A/C evaporator is the component of the A/C assembly that you will see mounted on your dashboard or behind the center console. It is the direct heat-absorbing component of the A/C system. Aside from this main function, the part also works like a dehumidifier. How? Well, it removes all the moisture from the air passing through it by converting it into water; this water is drained off the vehicle. The A/C evaporator contains cold Freon gas and its temperature must be kept at 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, it could get damaged when the said temp is not maintained. And when it does, the 4 Seasons A/C evaporator is the best replacement. It's very durable and long-lasting, thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment used in engineering the part and to the leak testing that it has undergone with the help of a helium mass spectrometer. This component is a good pick!

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AC Expansion Valve

A/C Expansion Valve

Maintain a sufficient amount of refrigerant in your car's A/C evaporator by equipping the A/C assembly with a 4 Seasons A/C expansion valve! This valve works together with the evaporator—it acts as the device that controls the amount of refrigerant that gets into the said component at any given time. This depends on the cooling demand inside your ride. The expansion valve works hand in hand with a sensing bulb that is mounted somewhere around the evaporator. The bulb determines the cooling needed at a specific instance, and this demand determines the operation of the expansion valve. If the demand is high, the valve opens wider to allow more refrigerant into the evaporator. As the demand gets lower, the valve closes to reduce the amount of refrigerant flowing in. Different trucks and vehicles use different metering devices in the A/C assembly. If your car uses an expansion valve, then there's no doubt—the 4 Seasons A/C expansion valve is the best pick.

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AC Receiver Drier

A/C Receiver Drier

Keep your car's A/C system healthy by equipping it with a high-quality 4 Seasons A/C receiver drier! This component is a simple device, but it performs different functions in the A/C assembly. Mounted in between the evaporator and condenser, the receiver drier is primarily a drier. Moisture can sometimes get into the A/C, and this is dangerous to the different A/C parts. Therefore, a receiver drier is used to remove moisture. It is incorporated with a desiccant material made from silica gel, and this is the material that acts as a direct moisture absorber. The desiccant can absorb large amounts of moisture before it would need replacing. Aside from this main function, the receiver drier also filters out all the particles flowing together with the refrigerant in order to keep them from contaminating A/C parts. And lastly, it also serves as a reservoir that holds not only the refrigerant but as well as the compressor oil. The 4 Seasons A/C receiver drier is the ideal pick for your ride.

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Radiator Fan Motor

Radiator Fan

The engine produces a great amount of heat every time it operates, and that heat is dispersed by the cooling system with the help of the radiator fan and the motor that powers it. Maintain your car's radiator fan in tiptop shape by equipping it with a 4 Seasons radiator fan motor. The main component of your car's cooling system is the radiator, the part in which heat dissipation takes place. This process is achieved with the help of the radiator fan that blows cool air through the radiator fins. You can consider the motor as the brain of the fan because it regulates its operation. It is the motor that keeps the fan spinning at the correct rate in order to dissipate coolant heat and maintain the engine's correct temperature, thereby protecting the engine from overheating. The 4 Seasons radiator fan motor is a good choice because it's energy efficient and durable, and it guarantees OE fit and long-term efficiency.

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Who We Are

Four Seasons is a trusted name when it comes to air conditioning and cooling devices. We are the largest supplier of mobile climate control parts in the automotive market and we are also the largest remanufacturer of AC compressors worldwide. We are the mobile climate control division of Standard Motor Products, Inc., which also distributes exhaust parts, ignition devices, fuel injection components, as well as electrical parts.

Our Mission

We've always aimed to set the standards of excellence when it comes to automotive mobile climate control parts. We achieve this by ensuring the good quality of the products that we offer and by providing our customers with only the best service. We also promote employee teamwork, and environmental preservation is one of our priorities.

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Four Seasons caters to a wide range of customers in North America—from wholesale buyers to retailers, and even to OE service parts organizations and their members.

Our Production Advantage

Unity in vision—this is the Four Seasons advantage. Every specialist involved in our production process adheres to a specified quality standard, and everybody shares the same passion and dedication. From our design engineers, production supervisors, and purchasing managers, down to the product managers and assemblers, everybody is committed to one goal: excellence and customer satisfaction.

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We've always been proud of our high fill rate, reaching up to 96% during peak seasons. We're able to achieve this milestone due to the advanced ERP and forecasting tools that we use, as well as our real-time inventory update. We combine these with collaborative customer planning, and we get good results at all times. It's because of these that we're able to ship more than 2,000 emergency orders and stocking orders daily.