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During the past few days, you've been noticing a foul smell inside your vehicle, the kind of smell similar to a rotten egg. You sprayed on air freshener, but the foul odor did not disappear. You checked your seats for possible mildew and moisture that may have been causing the smell, but there was no problem there. Have you checked for possible exhaust problem? Your vehicle’s catalytic converter may have been damaged and you may need a new component from A&B. If you don’t pay attention to the problem, it may become more serious and you might get into more troubles soon. After a while, you will notice your car’s gas mileage decreasing. You may also notice some power drop, together with some engine problems like rough idling. And, if your car is already due for an emissions test, it is almost sure to fail. With all these problems mentioned, it’s important that you pay close attention to any catalytic converter issue immediately. Most problems with the said part would entail a new replacement. And when shopping for a new catalytic converter, be sure that you choose a part with top-of-the-line quality. Get only a new one from A&B. The new component that you get should not only be efficient at cleaning your car’s exhaust gases—it should also promote a more efficient engine performance. Check that the parts have undergone mandrel bending processes to ensure that the diameter is uniform all throughout. This will guarantee efficient exhaust flow and proper engine breathing, which then translates to more horsepower. Aside from this, you must also consider whether the part that you get is legal for use in your state. Some catalytic converters are not legal for street use, while others cannot be used in California because of its more stringent road regulations.

When it comes to catalytic converters, A&B is one company that you can trust. It’s a leading manufacturer of catalytic converters and exhaust clamps for a wide range of vehicle makes and models. And, all the parts that it offers are available here in our catalog at Auto Parts Warehouse. We have a complete line of exhaust components not only from this manufacturer but also from other leading auto parts makers. We offer complete exhaust assemblies and individual exhaust devices, as well as parts for such systems as the brakes, suspension, and the engine. Need any part to replace a damaged stock unit? We also have OE and direct-fit devices to help you restore failing assemblies to highly performing systems. Many of the parts that we offer are even perfect for DIYers; they are engineered for easy mounting and removal, a task that can be accomplished by regular car owners who have basic automotive knowledge. Shopping for these parts is also easy because we have designed our catalog for user-friendly navigation. And, we also have a toll-free phone line that you can call anytime if you need help shopping or if you have any concern. Just call us anytime and we’ll help you find your needed A&B part!

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