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A1 Cardone



To protect and conserve the common Environment, including our community and our world, that is affected and/or influenced by the growth, development and survival of our business; CARDONE Industries is committed to the following Policy:

  • Continued Excellence, Leadership, and Stewardship in the use of our environmental resources.
  • Continuous improvement in the conservation and protection of the Environment as the responsibility of every employee.
  • Meeting all government requirements in a manner that protects the Environment.
  • An ultimate Corporate objective for environmental waste of Zero Discharge.


In recognition of our policy of Environmental conduct we pledge:

  • To demonstrate Excellence by making environmental considerations a priority in our planning for all existing and new products, processes, and facilities.
  • To demonstrate Leadership through communication by recognizing, documenting, and responding to our employee and community concern's about our operations and their impact on our common Environment.
  • To promote the principles and practices of responsible citizenship by educating others from our experiences on the environmental effects of our products, processes and waste materials.
  • To select our Suppliers with consideration for their environmental practices and policies.
  • To demonstrate Stewardship, which implies Oversight and Accountability, by reporting promptly to officials, employees, customers and the community, need-to-know information on process related environmental issues and to recommend any appropriate actions.
  • To drive our policy of Continual Improvement by;
  • Ongoing identification, measurement, and documentation of significant environmental aspects and their impact.
  • Establishing priorities and objectives and targets for the continuous improvement in the significance of those impacts.
  • Conducting management reviews of auditing and monitoring results to ensure continuing effectiveness of the Environmental Management System.

What is Remanufacturing?

Remanufacturing is the complex process of collecting worn, used, disassembled, and cleaned scrap car parts, and refurbishing them to their usual function. Worn parts are replaced with high-quality components for their durability and performance restoration. Most of the reprocessed parts are 30-50% cheaper than market parts. The good thing about remanufactured products is they maintain a high caliber that can match or beat the market products' quality. High quality and low price are a guarantee if you choose refurbished products.

CARDONE complies with high manufacturing standards and is TS certified. Even with the use of second-hand car parts, we still follow the same quality control procedures implied by original parts manufacturers. Using advance technology, we make sure that our products are not just remanufactured-but improved to give the best out of what the customers pay for.

Old parts have weaknesses in terms of quality, and because we are aware of the drawbacks, we work hard to improve remanufactured used parts into better items. CARDONE sells only the best products at incredibly low prices. For DIYers and practical customers out there, this brand is the first-class alternative for you.

The best thing about the remanufacturing industry falls in green issues. Because scraps and used products are being recreated into better items, it gives solution to environmental disposal issues. Tons of used parts, cores, and other reusable items are being remanufactured instead of throwing the waste to landfills-where disposed trashes are excessively abundant. Even better, refurbishing procedures help in saving 80% of the energy consumption and material usage, unlike what original parts manufacturers require. Saved energy and materials can be equaled to 16 million barrels of crude oil.

Download: Reman Green Flyer (228KB)

What is "Cleantech"?

If there's one credible technology that adheres to the more efficient usage and re-usage of nature's resources in the automotive industry, it's the Cleantech. With this, improved manufacturing performance and high product quality are met while energy consumption, waste density, and pollution are minimized.

Check out the details below for additional information about how CARDONE and the vast remanufacturing industry marked a noteworthy impact in our environment.

  • A1 Cardone Windshield Wiper Motor
    Dr. Olson, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    Since parts for a 1990 Cadillac Brougham are not all that easy to find, this part was a welcome find !

  • A1 Cardone Window Motor
    By Bob

    Works and performs like OEM product. Will recommend again.

  • A1 Cardone Window Motor
    bigeyes99, Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Window motor works great! Other motors cost 5 times more. Buy this motor!

  • A1 Cardone P/S Pump
    By Corvette Man

    Power steering pump worked real good right out of the box.

  • A1 Cardone Windshield Wiper Motor
    Clueless, Providence, RI

    good quality part, quick delivery and easy installation. Works too!

  • A1 Cardone Window Motor
    By Highflyer

    customers car. The customer was happy. This unit restored like new performance for my

  • A1 Cardone Window Motor
    Poppabear, Fullerton California

    I installed the motor in less than 30 minutes and work better than the original

  • A1 Cardone Ignition Distributor
    By oldjohnw

    much much better than i thought it would be. if you need one get one of these

  • A1 Cardone Brake Caliper
    Customcan, New York

    very good quality with this price and good working condition

  • A1 Cardone Steering Rack
    Jagger, washington

    perfect fit, very satisfied with service and affordability of steering rack, works good as new

  • A1 Cardone Windshield Wiper Motor
    big bob, battle ground indiana

    it is the best replacement i have seen in a long time it is a hard ti get to wiper motor hope to never do that job again

  • A1 Cardone Window Motor
    SHEP, colorado

    It had good quality and performance. It was easy to install and it works great. I can hardly hear the motor running when in use.

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New Technical Bulletins from CARDONE

CARDONE's ASE-Certified Technical Advisors have developed several new PROTECH Bulletins full of tips to help technicians finish jobs on time with fewer comebacks.

The following PROTECH Technical Bulletins have recently been added to the Tech Help section at www.cardone.com.






In the roster of aftermarket remanufactured products, CARDONE's 45 car merchandise are considered of the highest caliber. Components here are not a dollar and a day short-we offer only the best. With careful study and testing, we have figured out original equipment weaknesses. That's why we've come up reversed engineering, a process where refurbished products are beefed-up in quality and performance. Behind the high-technology, strict manufacturing procedure, and first-class refurbished aftermarket products, is a name that stands above all-CARDONE.


  • Upgrading or repairing a brake is no easy. That's why Friction Choice Calipers come with an entire package-durability and all the necessary hardware components. With the mounting bracket pre-installed on each product, you'll be able to provide your customer with a lot of options.
  • Looking for a product that generates high friction? Our Bolt-On Ready Calipers are sold with the finest, application-specific, and non-asbestos friction.
  • For a product that can withstand extreme heat and wearing-out, go for our Severe Duty Friction Calipers.
  • With a variety color choices of red, black, or yellow, our Custom FX calipers are powder-coated and equipped with the hardware necessary for installation.


  • Our products were created at such high standards that the outcomes are impressive-rust-proof items, prolonged on-car and shelf life, OE quality-certified seals, diaphragms, and testing privileges to check performance and durability. CARDONE products are also backed by a warranty.

Drivetrain is one of the names that A1 CARDONE boasts of. Most of the products include axles, case motors, and more. Using the latest technology in product remanufacturing, our items are rebuilt and revamped to give the customers the best products out of what they pay for. In terms of pricing, Drive train products are undoubtedly cheaper than other car parts in the automotive industry.


  • Manufactured with precise sturdiness, our shafts are 100% durable for a vibration-free vehicle.
  • Product life is prolonged because of proper grease flow. This is made possible due to the joints that at are made for a tight tolerance of +/- 0.001 of an inch.
  • The highly sturdy Neoprene boots that adheres to SAE specifications are being utilized on every CV unit. This helps in prolonging joint life.
  • Fully refurbished CV threads and splines are easy to install.
  • For a lasting product durability, CV joints were applied with high-temperature grease.
  • Our pneumatic clamping machines that are manufactured for precision creates an air-tight seal.
  • CV joints are supplied with brand-new axle nuts for longer durability and resistance pressure.

Case Motor

  • Coverage is offered on domestic and import vehicles or light to medium-sized duty trucks.
  • All products are carefully designed and engineered for a high-quality exterior.
  • All products, whether raw parts or remanufactured units, undergo an oscilloscope test to make sure that high quality and durability are met.
  • Products that are highly significant like pulse boards, washer pumps, and relay watches undergo a series of tests before being dispersed in the automotive market.

Steering products from A1 CARDONE are leading in the industry of aftermarket remanufactured products. Some of the car parts, accessories, and kits included are the following: rack and pinion assembly and power steering gearbox. Through A1 CARDONE's reversed engineering, parts weaknesses are figured out. If you're looking for refurbished products that work as good as brand-new car parts, CARDONE is the name you can trust.

Rack and Pinion Assembly

  • Our Rack and Pinion sleeves undergo a strict tri-bond process to guarantee customers that sleeves are shift-free.
  • For DIYers, all our Power Steering Pumps are 100% tried, tested, and pressure-calibrated for perfect fitting.

Power Steering Gearbox

  • For a beefed-up steering protection system and prolonged pump life, our Power Steering Pumps are carefully designed and engineered using a MAGNA-PURE filtration system.
  • Equipped with a magnet, our MAGNA-PURE filter can collect even the tiniest metal particles in the steering system.
  • Made with durable materials, our mesh screening can filter as much as 130 micron particles.

Engine performance is one of the must-haves for every car. When it comes to engine performance parts and other add-ons, A1 CARDONE products are a good choice. Intricately designed and engineered, our car parts like mass airflow sensors, distributors, air pumps, and more can meet or even top the original aftermarket products' quality. With our reversed engineering, product weaknesses were defined and reinforced, resulting to more durable products.

Engine Intake

Mass Airflow Sensor

  • As a new alternative to OE Mass Airflow (MAF) Sensors, CARDONE has set a mark in the history of automotive industry-that is distributing remanufactured mass airflow sensors in the market. Through strict production standard compliance and the use of high-technology, MAF sensors can equal or even beat OE sensors in specifications and performance level. The good thing about MAF sensors is that you can save a few dollars because these come with lower prices. CARDONE's 35 years of experience in car parts remanufacturing has earned the customers' trust and loyalty.

Engine Ignition


  • Our distributors are first-class with a direct fit OE replacement feature. Product quality is computer-tested and it's installed with several coils to make sure that the spark mechanism is working properly.

Engine Emission Control

Air Pump

  • Our air pumps passed through extensive engineering, product tests and precise finishing process to make sure that quality and durability are met.

CARDONE's roster of motor parts and other performance components are considered top-of-the-line products in the remanufactured aftermarket industry. Using a strict production system and reversed engineering, CARDONE was able to figure out how car parts weaknesses can be eliminated through reinforcement. From precise design and stringent manufacturing process, to strict product testing and distribution, CARDONE motors can definitely match or beat OE parts specifications.

Window Motor

  • Our window motors are 100% computer-tested to guarantee buyers that CARDONE products meet OE performance and durability specifications. Created with an extra-torque motor, each window motor is manufactured with significant amount of lubricant for a quiet performance and durability. The Magnet installed on each motor gives a precise amount of torque that will withstand extreme weather and pressure. Each window motor is backed by a 12-month or 18,000-mile warranty.

Windshield Wiper Motor

  • When it comes to external car parts, like windshield wiper motors, A1 CARDONE is a trusted brand. Our wiper motors are made through complex manufacturing and product tests to make sure that performance and reliability are 100% precise. Installed with durable motor magnets, each wiper motor is assembled with a significant amount of lubricant for a quiet performance.

With the use of high-technology and precise manufacturing procedures, CARDONE water pumps come with the finest quality. Our motors are made with careful designing and product tests. Our remanufactured products meet high OE specifications through the use of reversed engineering. Even better, customers can be sure that CARDONE products come with the most affordable prices. So when it comes to high-quality water pumps, CARDONE is the brand you can always trust.

Water Pumps

  • CARDONE bearings are sealed and greased for a smoother performance that lasts a long time. With the OE-quality features, customers can be sure that each water pump performs at its peak.
  • For a long-lasting life, seals are applied using the finest materials.
  • CARDONE hubs and impellers are vibration free-thanks to careful designing, the bearing shafts are perpendicularly placed for a better performance.
  • For a more reliable performance and durability, applications that demand extraordinary off-set loads are improved to a Ball/Roller bearing.
  • To keep the proper outer design and product performance, applications are not overly merged.

For a precise measurement of the mass flowrate of air that goes in your car's fuel-injected internal combustion engine, CARDONE mass airflow sensors can give an optimum performance. Our sensors are improved through the use of effective reversed engineering. With this process, we are able to pinpoint and fix product weaknesses, thus, remanufacturing mass air flow sensors that meet OE specifications.

Mass Air Flow Sensors

  • Accurate scan tool readings are very important, that's why our MAF Sensors strictly track O.E. output curves and maintain spec tolerance.
  • Each part goes through a series of product tests to make sure that it can withstand extreme weather, pressure, temperature, and even altitude.
  • Most of our units come with the required gaskets.
  • To keep customers and dealers from having a hard time looking for the specific sensors, O.E. part number is shown on every unit for identification.

For a premium quality CV axle, CARDONE is a leading distributor of aftermarket remanufactured half shafts. A lot of customers have been shifting to remanufactured products because of the price difference. Quality is never an issue because CARDONE products undergo precise design, strict manufacturing procedures, and a series of product tests. Through the application of reversed engineering, equipment weaknesses are determined and given with the right solution.

CV Axles

  • For an airtight seal, our boot clamps are pneumatically tucked with 700 lbs. of force-enough strength to ensure the products' durability.
  • Boot failure is usually caused by two things: bellow stress and ozone cracking. Our Neoprene Boots are carefully created to resist such causes.
  • For a slick and perfect finish, our transmission seal diameter undergoes the excessive heat treatment.
  • For easy installation, the threads and splines are manufactured in precision.
  • For a guaranteed perfect product fit, the axle undergoes strict and accurate measurement after the assembly.
  • Every CV axle is thoroughly lubricated to make sure that it resists intense temperature and high-torque demands.

Featured A1 Cardone Parts