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Absorber Chamois
After giving your car its well-deserved wash, don't just leave it out there to dry. If you do, the water spots on your windshield and window panes will leave marks, which will impair your vision once dried. To avoid leaving any marks, you need to make sure that the remaining spots of water on your car are wiped clean. The Absorber Chamois is the perfect tool for drying the surface of your car. It absorbs 50 percent more water and dries 20 times faster than an ordinary rag, thanks to its sponge-like pore material. This material gives it its fast-drying ability. It's also designed to be resistant to grease, oil, and other chemicals, making it more durable and longer lasting. So if you need a material that can easily get rid of water spots and at the same time dry your car, make sure that you have an Absorber Chamois in your tool kit. If you need one for your car, Auto Parts Warehouse has this product in our comprehensive catalog, along with other high-quality car parts and accessories.