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ACT Products

What would your vehicle be without its clutch? A cagey cart with motor and wheels, that is for sure. Good thing that clutches are already equipped in automobiles long before you decided to own one. Now, you can enjoy navigating the roads with total control on your vehicle because of its high-performance clutch. From accelerating to stopping, you can efficiently use up your engine’s power because you have a clutch that works to regulate these operations. But if you want more from it, get an aftermarket from ACT. This brand of high-grade clutches is the perfect solution you can find in the market. Also known as Advanced Clutch Technology, it is now popularly known for making OE-style and aftermarket-grade performance clutches for virtually all automobile makes and models. Whether you need one for simple replacement or for upgrading purposes, you can trust its Finite Element Analysis (FEA)-tested products to restore or improve the performance of your vehicle. Aside from clutches, the company also produces other engine solutions such as flywheels, pressure plates, and street discs. All of which are engineered to bring about better pedal response, friction, clamp load, and work range you require from these engine parts. ACT is also a brand that encourages DIY applications. Its products come with easy-to-understand installation manuals, which you can use when mounting your new engine part correctly. If you are actually doing this yourself, make sure you disconnect the negative cable of your battery first to prevent electrocution incidents. It is also highly recommended that you use your owner’s manual to easily find the parts you will need to disconnect, remove, and discard during the installation of your new part.

And for all your needed parts and accessories, you are right in choosing us here at Auto Parts Warehouse. We have a comprehensive list of ACT products in store for you. We can assure you that these parts are directly acquired from the warehouses of the manufacturer, thereby ensuring their authenticity. This means they still come in original packaging, so all the included accessories and documents in their packages are still intact. And because we are a legit provider of this brand online, you can rest assured that our prices are warehouse-low. On top of that, we also have in-house discounts and promotions that allow you to get the part you need at much lesser price. So what are you waiting for? Get the ACT part you need from us now by providing your automobile details. Once the shortlist of compatible parts is launched, pick the part you need and place the order directly on our virtual order forms. In minutes, we will confirm your order and will provide you with the shipping information. We guarantee that your part will be delivered to your doorsteps at the agreed time and date, so start planning for its installation. You can also track your order or get live help from us by dialing our toll-free numbers. We have highly qualified agents waiting for your call 24/7, so don’t hesitate making inquiries!