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AEM: Performance Modifier of Choice

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Before AEM became a go-to brand for precision-tuned induction systems and a modifier of choice by a good number of performance enthusiasts, it started out as a relatively small shop catering to the tuning performance needs of vintage vehicles while also providing service to street racing modified imports. John Concialdi and Bob Sullivan started the small business in 1987 in Compton, California. AEM’s founders used their technical expertise on engines and their creativity to find ways to make vehicles run faster. With Concialdi’s experience as a head of research and development for Weber Carburetors in the North American aftermarket, AEM was able to develop innovative performance tuners that stemmed from a deeper understanding of air flow through the engine.

AEM became famous in the street racing scene because of the drivers who won races using the shop’s mods and service. The company learned much about intake energy dynamics and used its expertise in dyno testing to develop induction systems. As they worked with OES engineers, they developed the first Packaged Air Induction Kit, with help from their years of experience in the racing circuit and their acquired knowledge of engine performance. The kit became a DIY upgrade for the Honda CRX and was first sold in 1994. AEM made high torque and horsepower available even to modest vehicles.

AEM innovations

  • Engineered and designed performance aftermarket induction systems with specific tube lengths and diameters
  • Came up with the Cold Air Intake as it explored how combustion efficiency can be achieved with cooler air
  • Partnered with K&N in developing conical air filters with built-in air horns
  • Created the first dual chamber intake kits
  • Designed a special air bypass valve to prevent hydro-locks
  • Developed the first hybrid induction system
  • Introduced electronically tuned air intakes for MAF scaling problems

AEM Brake Pad Set

When you buy AEM brake pads, you are buying quality. AEM brake pads are designed for superior performance. Made of a Kevlar ceramic compound, AEM brake pads pose less of a risk to the rotors, as their dust doesn't contain the tiny metal particles that can contribute to rotor wear. You can order our competitively priced AEM brake pads from our website with confidence, as our encryption keeps your sensitive information safe. We also have a toll-free number available if you'd prefer to have a service representative help you to place your AEM brake pads order. If you have any questions about installing your AEM brake pads, you are invited to use our 24-hour live help system.

AEM Bypass Valve

An AEM bypass valve is built to last, and is made of tough and durable nylon and urethane. What the AEM bypass valve does is prevent what is called hydro-lock, which occurs when water is sucked into the engine. We carry a variety of high quality AEM products, including the AEM bypass valve. Like all of our AEM parts, we are able to offer you the AEM bypass valve at a price that is affordable for most budgets. To order your AEM bypass valve today, you can use our secure online ordering system or you can place your order via our toll-free telephone number.

AEM Cam Gears

AEM cam gears are designed to offer superior performance, opening and closing the intake and exhaust valves with the precise timing necessary for optimum efficiency and maximum power. The Tru-Time adjustable line of AEM cam gears has anodized surfaces that significantly reduces wear and corrosion and also features their newest bolting methods, grade 8 hex head bolts, has been successful in reducing slippage. AEM cam gears are sure to offer a long-term, quality performance that will satisfy you. We offer a variety of competitively priced AEM cam gears, and we make it easy to order the right AEM cam gears for your vehicle at any time of the day or night, via our secure online line ordering system or our toll free number.

AEM Cold Air Intake

Like all of the AEM air induction systems, the AEM cold air intake is made completely in the United States. The AEM cold air intake system has set the standard for the industry, and the innovative engineering and design techniques used in its creation have made AEM air induction systems known throughout the world. The brackets and fittings of the AEM cold air intake are TIG-welded for additional durability and each AEM cold air intake system comes with a generous manufacturer's warranty. You can order your AEM cold air intake on our secure website or via our toll-free telephone number and our live help system is available round the clock to answer any installation questions.

AEM Cold Air Intake Filter

An AEM air filter is an excellent choice, in terms of performance and longevity. Designed to offer superior performance, the AEM air filter in an industry leader, filtering out particles as small as one micron. When properly maintained, and part of that maintenance is cleaning with an inexpensive AEM filter cleaning kit, the AEM air filter can last as long as the vehicle itself. We offer the AEM air filter at a price that you'll find to be affordable, especially when compared to what your local retailers are charging. You can order your AEM air filter online with our encrypted and secure ordering system or you can use our toll-free number.

AEM Engine Management System

AME EMS refers to the AME Engine Management System. The AEM EMS is one of the newest products put out by EMS, and like all EMS parts and accessories, it is definitely something out of the ordinary. The AEM EMS brings tuning the fuel injectors to a whole new level of technological precision. This plug and play programmable AEM EMS plugs directly into the factory installed ECU harness and, running a Windows based system, it serves as an incredible fuel injector tuning tool that will allow you to significantly enhance your vehicle's performance. You can order this fascinating new AEM EMS online, using our secure ordering system, or via our toll-free number.

AEM Fuel Filter

An AEM fuel filter is a superior automotive part that will provide many miles of dependable service. The high performance AEM fuel filter is designed to be able to handle real engine power, and is suitable for up 500 horsepower. Manufactured in the United States, the AEM fuel filter body is made aluminum, with double O-ring seals to prevent leakage. We are able to make our AEM fuel filter available at a price that can withstand comparison with your local retailers, who are unlikely to be able to match our reasonable pricing standards. We make 24-hour live help available to our customers, so if you have any questions about the installation of your AEM fuel filter, we're always here to help.

AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator

An AEM fuel pressure regulator can help your fuel system function its best. For the best performance, your fuel pressure needs to be stable and constant, and the AEM fuel pressure regulator is designed to do exactly that. Like all AEM parts and accessories, superior performance is a given, and the AEM fuel pressure regulator easily meets the industry standards, as well as the high expectations of AEM. We carry a wide selection of AEM products, including the AEM fuel pressure regulator. Our smooth ordering process, by toll-free telephone number or secure online site, and quality customer service make the purchase of your AEM fuel pressure regulator easy and convenient.

AEM Fuel Rail

The AEM fuel rail is designed to work with the larger fuel injectors associated with powerful, high performance engines, as well as the fuel injectors that come stock. The AEM fuel rail even comes prepared with an extra port to accommodate a nitrous set up, for those who are really into speed and serious performance, or a fuel pressure gauge. Like we do with all of the fine AEM parts we carry, we make the AEM fuel rail available at a price that you're sure to find competitive, especially if you've been pricing this part already at your local retailers. We make it easy to order your AEM fuel rail with the convenience of our secure online ordering and toll-free number.

AEM Gauge

When you buy an AEM gauge, you are purchasing a product that is manufactured by one of the most renowned companies in the industry. Like all AEM parts and accessories, your AEM gauge will be carefully crafted of high quality materials and designed to provide superior and dependable performance, trustworthy and accurate to the highest degree. We make it easy to order your AEM gauge with our secure online ordering and our toll-free number. And, once your AEM gauge arrives via our dependable delivery, if you have any questions about its installation, we offer help around the clock through our 24-hour live help system.

AEM Performance Pulleys

AEM pulleys are an excellent purchase if you're looking for ways to increase horsepower and the efficiency of your engine. Basically, what AEM pulleys do is to reduce the drag on the engine that common accessory pulleys can create. This is accomplished by the superior design of AEM pulleys, as well as their lighter weight, as they are made of aluminum. AEM pulleys come with the characteristic decals that denote a fine AEM product, as well as with the belts you'll need and detailed installation instructions. However, if you find yourself with questions about installing your AEM pulleys, we have a live help system available 24 hours a day.

AEM Throttle Body Spacer

Using an AEM throttle body spacer can give your vehicle more power and better fuel mileage by helping it to use fuel more efficiently. All AEM parts and accessories share superior design and careful engineering to ensure top quality performance, and the AEM throttle body spacer is no exception to the rule. An AEM throttle body spacer is built to last, which means you can rest assured that it will be providing its superior performance for many miles to come. You can order your AEM throttle body spacer today through our secure online ordering system or use our convenient toll-free number. If you have any questions about installing your AEM throttle body spacer, you are invited to use our 24-hour live help system.

AEM Products

If you happen to be looking for a good brand that will provide you with the most outstanding performance parts and accessories for the repairs of your trusty car, truck, or SUV, always remember that AEM is here to help provide what you need at all times. Founded in 1990, this particular brand boasts of many years of experience when it comes to manufacturing components that deliver the best performance on the road. At present, the company continues to survive because it doesn’t stop improving its line of products. It is widely popular for its wide array of durable parts, made using the toughest materials that will last for a very long time. The brand is also pretty well-known as one of the pioneer producers of cold air intakes for compact sports cars. However, besides manufacturing a wide range of heavy-duty intake systems, the brand is also known as a good producer of top-quality filters. In 2004, AEM joined forces with DC Sports to combine their technologies in manufacturing components that deliver nothing but superb performance. Today, the brand continues to provide the market with easy and quick ways to solve their everyday automotive problems. All thanks to their products that have excellent fit and superior quality, many consumers all over the globe, including professional mechanics, have vehicle repairs and DIYs that are as easy as A, B, C. This brand is also the most practical choice for your vehicle-related tasks because it is guaranteed to provide both quality and reliability at very reasonable prices. Always remember, for car parts and accessories satisfy your needs, trust no less than AEM products to get your repairs done in no time.

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