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The Reasons behind Airtex’s Success

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Ask about the best brands in the world of fuel pumps, and the name Airtex is bound to come up in any conversation. Armed with more than seventy-five years of experience developing mechanical and electrical fuel pumps, Airtex is recognized as a leader in the automotive aftermarket parts industry.

Wide range of products

Airtex specializes in fuel pumps and fuel pump accessories. However, this industry leader also manufactures tank seals, wiring harnesses, and fuel pump filters for various local and imported cars. To date, Airtex has nearly 2,000 products in the fuel pump category alone, and with the company’s relentless drive toward innovation, that number is likely to swell up in the coming years.

Unparalleled Quality

With three manufacturing plants and several research and development facilities, Airtex is able to produce high-quality products that pass ISO requirements. The company has also met the criteria of the International Standards for Environmental and Quality Management Systems—certifications so rigid that only the toughest and most brilliant automotive parts company are able to accomplish.

Airtex Fuel Pump

A car will not run if there is no fuel system included in its assembly. In an internal combustion engine the fuel pump is needed for it to function. The fuel from the fuel tank needs to be pumped to the engine and carried to the carburetor. Some cars with fuel injected engines have two fuel pumps, one low pressure in the tank and the other is a high pressure pump near the engine. In order for your engine to function with an excellent rate, your fuel pump must be one that has high quality. The Airtex fuel pump is an example of a high quality fuel pump that can provide your car optimum driving and excellent engine performance. There are two types of fuel pumps, the mechanical, which was used before the late 1970s and the electric, a product of innovative technology that is used today. The Airtex fuel pump is made from high quality materials to ensure excellent performance and reliability. You can get the Airtex fuel pump from our store. Just visit our online store at your most convenient time. We offer a wide range of fuel pumps, including for any make and model. Just browse our extensive list of Airtex fuel pump for further information.

Airtex Fuel Screen

Cars with and internal combustion engine must maintain a clean fuel line. In order to function efficiently your fuel must be totally clean. A clean fuel enables excellent fuel combustion to enable the car to perform excellently. Your car's engine is basically the most important part of the car. A car will not run if there is no engine. In order for the engine to function properly, the fuel which passes through the engine must be clean and free from dirt, dust, rust particles and other contaminants that would affect the combustion of the fuel. The Airtex fuel screen is one of the components that your engine's fuel system needs. The Airtex fuel screen as the name suggests, screens harmful contaminants that would cause improper combustion of the fuel, thus affecting the function of the engine and the performance of the vehicle. Taking care of your car engine is necessary if you are expecting excellent performance from your car. In order to do this, you need to have a high quality fuel screen. Get this top of the line Airtex fuel screen from our store. Just visit our site and you'll be surprised with the wide selection of auto parts and accessories we offer. For high quality and durable fuel screen, trust Airtex . Order now, and we will ship out your brand new Airtex fuel screen in no time!

Airtex Water Pump

When you are driving your car and you experience overheating of the engine, you may have a problem with your water pump. A common cause of an engine overheating is a poor water pump. A car's water pump is important because it is the one responsible for the circulation of the liquid coolant all through out the engine of the car. This maintains the temperature of the engine, preventing engine overheating. If the water pump of your car is not functioning properly, your engine may receive some damages because of overheating. The Airtex water pump delivers the coolant to the radiator to exchange its heat and release it outside. Damaged or broken Airtex water pumps can cause severe damages to your vehicle resulting to warped heads, blown head gaskets, and lots of minor and major damages in your car. To avoid this nerve-wrecking problem you must check your water pump from time to time. Airtex, the maker of the Airtex water pump is the largest independent manufacturer of water pumps and fuel pumps worldwide. If you need one, you can avail your Airtex water pump here on our store. Just visit us and browse our catalogs for your Airtex water pump needs. We offer only high quality Airtex water pump in the industry that guarantees long lasting performance.

Airtex Products

Pumps are very essential components of your vehicle. Just like the heart pumps blood all throughout the body, automotive fuel and water pumps move these precious liquids to the parts of your vehicle that need them. Faulty fuel pumps can lead to a stalled vehicle because the fuel cannot reach the engine. If it’s the water pumps that are defective, then there’s a big chance of engine overheating. Don’t neglect a busted fuel or water pump because it could lead to serious consequences and even more costly repairs for your vehicle. Because pumps are so vital, you should choose a great brand when selecting a replacement unit. One such brand is Airtex. A subsidiary of United Components Incorporated, it has over 70 years of experience in making automotive parts, specializing in aftermarket and OEM fuel delivery and water pumps. Its high-tech production facilities are backed up with a comprehensive Research and Development program that ensures the best design and quality for all the parts it produces. Its facilities are approved by the International Standards Organization with an ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification for quality and an ISO 14001 certification for environmental safety. Airtex’s fuel pump is an OE replacement pump but it also improves on the stock pump, solving some known issues. It provides more consistent pressure and better performance in terms of flow and noise dampening than the OEM pump. Both mechanical and electrical pump models are available for old and new cars. Aside from the fuel pump, Airtex also produces tank seals, wiring harnesses, and other parts that ensure a better fuel system for your vehicle. Another one of Airtex’s areas of specialization are water pumps. These pumps boast of an improved impeller design that provides better coolant flow, while its high-quality seals resist leaks and contamination better. All products from Airtex are made of high-quality materials and conform to OE standards. It’s the brand of pump that you’ll want in your car.

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