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Ansa: Provider of Performance Exhaust Solutions

Before Ansa became a household name for performance exhaust parts and reliable solutions, it started out as a small workshop in Italy. The family-owned business was born out of a man's passion for Italian cars. Initially, Ansa designed exhaust systems for the Ferrari until the business grew and its reach expanded throughout Europe. Its product range also expanded and included well-known speedsters of the 1960s and 1970s. The Italian manufacturer eventually introduced its products to the US through foreign car parts importers before it was able to put up its own distribution outlet in South Georgia, which was prompted by its success in the US automotive parts market.

Ansa has introduced innovative exhaust system parts and solutions as it became a global brand and distributor. These include the Silverline exhaust systems, universal mufflers and tips for the sport compacts, and the performance exhaust systems for light trucks that run on diesel. As it continues to develop performance exhaust systems and components, Ansa has provided the market with larger options when it comes to materials and exhaust designs. The offered automotive solutions aren't just limited to Ferraris and other European sports cars. It also caters to more automotive makes such as Honda, BMW, and Dodge.

High-performance catalytic converters

Ansa catalytic converters are built to be efficient and reliable. They're designed to reduce toxic exhaust gases emitted from the vehicle. To achieve this, each unit is made using high-grade raw materials and components to make it durable and effective. So even when exposed to the damaging elements, the unit won't break or malfunction easily. Each unit is built to match the specs of a particular vehicle, making it easy to install. This is tested to ensure not just proper fitment but also dependable performance.

High-quality pipes

The brand also offers a good selection of pipes, from the exhaust pipe and the header pipe to the tail pipe, flex pipe, and down pipe. A tail pipe extension is also included in this product range. These pipes are built to restore broken connections and ensure proper flow. Exhaust pipes are even designed as mandrel-bent tubes to make them less restrictive and allow exhaust gases to pass through easily. For dependable quality, these pipes are manufactured using solid materials such as aluminized steel. They have tough corrosion protection, all thanks to their coating and finish. To replace the weak link and make sure that the new pipe can fit right into the system, the parts are designed according to OE specs and to meet, or even exceed, the OEM standards. This assures compatibility with the rest of the exhaust system such as the catalytic converter and oxygen sensor.

High-grade mufflers

Ansa's better-selling products include its line of high-quality mufflers. These are made to fit and last. The company uses the latest in exhaust systems technology to produce parts and components that can ensure proper form and function and uncompromised performance. The mufflers are made to provide quality fit and great sound. They undergo stringent product testing and quality control to ensure that they can last and that they match a specific application. Ansa exhaust parts and kits are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility using advanced technologies and machinery and with the right testing equipment for quality assessment.

Ansa Catalytic Converter

An Ansa catalytic converter offers superior performance and a degree of durability that will take you the extra mile. A quality catalytic converter, such as an Ansa catalytic converter, not only helps to keep your vehicle performing at its best, but also serves to protect the environment from the harmful emissions that are a danger to us all. We make ordering secure and easy on our website, but if you prefer to order your Ansa catalytic converter by telephone, we have a toll-free number that you are welcome to use. If any questions arise during the installation of your Ansa catalytic converter, we invite you to make use of our live help system, which is available 24 hours a day.

Ansa Down Pipe

Adding a high quality Ansa down pipe, designed to enhance performance levels, to your vehicle can only be a benefit. The installation process is simple, just remove your stock down pipe and bolt on the Ansa down pipe. However, if you do find yourself with a question during the installation of your Ansa down pipe, we're always here to help. We have a live help system that is available 24 hours a day. Ordering your Ansa down pipe is fast and convenient when you use our carefully encrypted online ordering system or our toll-free telephone number and our delivery is accurate and dependable. Order today and your Ansa down pipe will soon be on your doorstep, ready for installation.

Ansa Muffler

When you buy an Ansa muffler for your vehicle, you can expect to receive a high quality part that will perform exactly as well as you've heard it does. Designed specifically with the goal of improving performance in mind, an Ansa muffler is made of high-grade stainless steel. Installing the Ansa muffler is a hassle free process because it bolts on securely. We carry a variety of Ansa parts and accessories and are able to make the Ansa muffler available at a price that is competitive. To order your Ansa muffler today, use our secure online system, which is encrypted for your protection, or our convenient toll-free telephone number.

Ansa Products

Mufflers are among world’s unsung heroes. Why? By simply hushing up the unfavorable sound produced by your engine, these automotive parts greatly reduce road noise that can otherwise contribute to the world’s growing problem of noise pollution. However, much like other many aftermarket auto parts, not all mufflers are created equal. There are performance-quality units that are engineered to reduce pulsations created by exhaust gases while allowing used gases to pass freely through the system. Before you get one, it is advised that you do a research first to be able to find the unit that best fits your needs, your budget, and your ride’s specifications. Aside from checking the size, configuration, features, and the materials making up the muffler, it is wise to ensure that it is crafted by reputable company like ANSA. This brand has been known for its full line of durable, high-quality factory replacement products that will satisfy even the most hard-to-fit import vehicles. It carries a complete inventory of direct-fit, stamped or welded exhaust systems and mufflers, along with installation hardware, so you need not worry about mounting it in place. All the automotive products offered by this company are guaranteed to meet or exceed industry standards and are fully compatible with factory components, so you won’t face issues regarding part incompatibility, which usually leads to major automotive problems. ANSA products are also engineered to install accurately at any given time. Besides quality fit and outstanding sound solution, mufflers and exhaust systems from this brand are also attractively made for an enhanced look from the rear of your ride.

The company is proud to say that it speaks your car’s language. Despite its humble beginnings as a small workshop in the Emilia region of Italy, ANSA was established on one man’s love affair with Italian dream cars. Originally designing exhaust systems for the Ferrari racing scene, the small family business eventually expanded its European reach and range to cover the most sought after sports cars of the 1960?s and 70?s. Nowadays, more than its flagship, which is the ANSA SPORT product line, the brand also carries an extensive selection of replacement exhaust parts for virtually all makes and models. So anytime you feel that your exhaust system needs some upgrading, or if you’re sick and tired by the kind of sound your engine makes, consider getting a muffler or an exhaust made by ANSA. Auto Parts Warehouse is committed in providing you with top-notch auto and truck parts and accessories from the world’s most renowned brand. It helps your restore or even improve your vehicle’s performance without spending a fortune by offering a Low Price Guarantee for all its products. This means, if you even find a store that offers a particular part at a lower price, let us know and we’re willing to match that. Most of the time, we beat other store’s prices just to offer you a better deal. Low shipping cost is also ensured even for shipping upgrades. So what are you waiting for? Browse our catalog, and purchase your needed ANSA products now!

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