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ARB: A Leader in 4x4 Equipment

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ARB is Australia’s biggest manufacturer and distributor of 4x4 accessories. With export networks in over 100 countries, ARB prides itself in providing reliable, practical, and high-quality products to 4x4 enthusiasts all over the globe.

Outback beginnings

ARB began in 1975 when the company’s founder, Anthony Ronald Brown, went on a trip to the Australian outback with his customized Land Rover. Brown’s expertise in fabricating 4WD accessories made his services highly sought after by other 4x4 owners on the road, and when he returned home to Melbourne, he decided to set up shop based on his experiences. From then on, ARB, which stands for Brown’s initials, was born.

Rugged 4x4 accessories

ARB specializes in 4x4 components and accessories, ranging from air lockers to safari snorkels. The company also manufactures camping and outdoor gear such as tents, portable freezers, and winching gloves.

ARB 4x4 Magazine

In addition to manufacturing, ARB also publishes a 4x4 magazine three times a year. Featuring products, event articles, and driving tips, the ARB 4x4 Magazine is a great source of information for 4x4 enthusiasts.

ARB Products

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. This saying certainly holds true for Tony Brown, the guy behind the ARB brand of 4x4 accessories. Having witnessed how tough the Australian outback can be on 4x4s, he has the experience and expertise when it comes to accessories and components that can withstand the toughest road conditions. Back then, 4x4 owners had to make do with roof racks, bull bars, and other accessories that were ill-fitting and poorly made. As a solution, Brown came up with ARB, a manufacturer dedicated to providing vehicle owners with top-quality parts and accessories. He began tinkering with accessories and parts at his garage to come up with products that will satisfy the needs of 4x4 owners. What started out as a small, Australian company is now a globally recognized brand known for its top-of-the-line parts and accessories. For adventure seekers wishing to conquer the world with their 4x4s, this company has become a go-to brand. Today, the company continues to keep customers more than happy with its high-tech manufacturing facilities. To make sure that each product that rolls off its assembly line exceeds industry standards, the company invests in CNC or Computer Numerically Controlled fabrication facilities. The CNC technology allows the brand to deal with more complex designs, providing buyers with state-of-the-art accessories. These high-tech facilities are managed by well-trained professionals who are linked together by a single, unifying goal—to provide 4x4 owners with the best options in the market. The company’s motivated workforce ensures that each item manufactured undergoes the most rigorous product testing procedures. After all, Mother Nature in the raw can be unforgivable. Extreme temperatures, rough roads, and unpredictable weather are just some of the things your 4x4 accessories should be able to endure for years. So if you’re shopping for vehicle accessories and parts that won’t stop you from enjoying the best and worst of Mother Nature, be sure to look for this label.

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