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Auto Custom Carpets: The Leader in the Automotive Industry’s Customized Carpets

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With over 30 years of expertise in the industry, Auto Custom Carpets has been providing its consumers with only the best of customized carpets. This company specializes in making innovative interior products for various vehicles. Its product line includes replacement auto carpets, floor mats, floor panels, and many more.

The product of merged expertise

In September 2007, Auto Custom Carpets took over the Auto Carpets Systems (ACC) and made it a stronger and more experienced automotive flooring company. From its founder, Jack Holland, this company has been bought and directed by a management group, which consisted of Ken Howell, John Mahlendorf, Jeff Moses, and George Miller. After a series of stock buying and the establishment of the ESOP, Ken Howell has become the only member left and the majority stockholder.

A collection of feature-packed products

Auto Custom Carpets offers its consumers with tons of interior carpets and other flooring materials to choose from. Its wide range of product colors and styles satisfy the customization needs of each user. Moreover, all of this company’s products come with modern features like the integration of sound deadening material on its carpets and mats.

AutoCustomCarpets Carpet Kit

The floor pan is always subject to tremendous abuse as it practically bears the weight of your car (which includes yours and your passengers’ whenever you’re in it). And so, utmost protection for it is called for as no one would want for “the ground beneath his/her feet” to just crumble, right? One way of preventing damage on your ride’s floor pan is by employing a trusty carpet kit. Carpet kits are accessories that serve two purposes: to protect the floor pan and to add aesthetic value to the vehicle’s interior. Without them or with them worn-out, elements like water, snow, or rust can accumulate on your floor pan and wreck it. If you’re looking for a quality carpet kit, choose the AutoCustomCarpets Carpet Kit offered here at Auto Parts Warehouse. The AutoCustomCarpets Carpet Kit is made of a high-quality loop material meant to give additional toughness, meaning solid protection for your floor pan. Furthermore, this carpet kit is designed for perfect fit and easy installation. So, what are you waiting for? Order your AutoCustomCarpets Carpet Kit from us now!

AutoCustomCarpets Floor Mats

A vehicle, no matter how fancy, still needs to be clean inside-out for it to be fully appreciated. There are oh so many ways to keep your car strikingly sleek. For instance, its interior, specifically the floor pan, which, as the name implies, is essentially the floor of the automobile, can be well-kept by putting on quality carpets—and floor mats. Since people and cargos go in and out of your car all the time, bringing in almost all kinds of unwanted elements that can damage your floor pan, it is best that you score some trusty floor mats for added protection. Try the AutoCustomCarpets Floor Mats we offer. AutoCustomCarpets Floor Mats are made from high-quality cutpile, which is constructed from 100 percent DuPont yarn. This speaks tough make-up. AutoCustomCarpets Floor Mats come in various designs for additional aesthetic value, too. Also, they come with griplock and non-skid backing to prevent slipping. So, to get your floor pan its needed protection, order your AutoCustomCarpets Floor Mats only from Auto Parts Warehouse now!

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