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B&G Coil Over Kit

The B&G Coil Overs installed in your vehicle are definitely capable of providing you with better handling and ride quality. Coil overs are vital suspension components that help in giving you remarkable vehicle control and exceptional comfort. Their design parameters are carefully engineered for single application. Several variables such as travel, shock rate, and spring rate affect your driving capabilities. Your vehicle's suspension system should allow free movement without bind. The suspension bind can be avoided by carefully adopting the appropriate suspension system for your vehicle. Hence, proper shock positioning is a must. The coil-over struts are useful for adjusting the height of the vehicle. On the other hand, Coil-over shocks allow you to change the height of the vehicle while adding support when you eliminate the factory leaf or coil springs. The Coil over shocks are usually custom-designed since vehicles have individual specifications that considerably vary particularly the suspension design, weight, weight distribution, and rebound performance requirements. For your quality B&G Coil Overs, our reliable online store is open any time of the day for your convenience. Explore our parts catalog for your quick search. For professional assistance about your B&G Coil Over in stock, you can use our toll free lines any minute. We ensure that a first rate service will be provided upon your visit in our store.

B&G Coil Springs

The most common type of spring is your coil spring, a kind of torsion spring that can store energy and release it when needed. It can also absorb shock and maintain the force between two contacting surfaces. Your B&G Coil Springs are very important since they support the weight of your vehicle and sustain its stability even in harsh driving conditions. These springs expand once you hit dips and humps on the road. They compress when you encounter the roughness of the road. Together with a shock absorber, the coil springs are pre-assembled as one coil over unit before the installation. As the coil spring compresses and stretches to keep you comfortable while driving, the shock absorber keeps you from road noise, bumps, and vibrations. A coil over is indeed very essential in your vehicle's suspension because of the useful damping that it can provide. For good handling, braking, and comfortable ride, you should make sure that your B&G Coil Springs are in excellent condition. In case you have a damaged unit, you can get a new one from our 24-hour online store. You can check out our parts catalog for your quick and hassle- free search. Our friendly staffs are here to accommodate your queries and clarifications any minute.

B&G Lowering Kit

Enthusiasts continuously customize their vehicles to improve the appeal, performance, and over-all drivability. One technique, which is commonly referred to as "lowering" the vehicle, is very useful in dropping the vehicle's center of gravity and in making it more stable in turns. Furthermore, such technique also makes a vehicle look sleek and mean. The B&G Lowering kit is practically available for every 2-wheel-drive car, van, SUV and truck. It is also intended for some 4-wheel-drive trucks. You can lower the front end of your vehicle by using a set of dropped spindles, which will avoid reducing your vehicle's suspension travel. For a lower result, you can combine dropped spindles and lowering springs to slam your vehicle's front end for as much as 5 inches. Though the lowering kits for the 4-wheel-drive trucks remain scarce, you can still drop your vehicle with a torsion bar independent front suspension (IFS) system by using a torsion bar relocator kit. There are lots of lowering kits available including new struts or shock absorbers to control the up-and-down movement at each wheel. Remember that when you have lowered your vehicle to your desired height, you may also consider a slick set of wheels and tires to fill up the wheelwells. Our online store is always ready to assist you in case you need a new B&G Lowering kit for your vehicle. You can browse through our parts catalog for your quick search.

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