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B&M: Providing World-class Racing and Performance Products Since 1953

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Established by Bob Spar and Mort Schuman, B&M has been providing top-notch vehicle transmission products to the world’s champion racers and performance drivers since 1953. The secret to the company’s success is probably the founders’ understanding of what performance drivers and enthusiasts really need. For almost 60 years, B&M is the helping hand that guides these racers in achieving the most-coveted victories in the realm of racing.

The innovative product line

B&M boasts of its extensive and top-of-the-line product selection, which is actually one of the reasons why the company is hailed as one of the most trusted names in the performance product industry. The brand is known for its superior-quality transmission products that include performance automatic transmissions, SFI-approved flex plates, torque converters, precision manual shifters, and many others. The famous Hydro Stick is probably B&M’s most precious contribution to the world of performance driving. It is the only patented four-speed automatic transmission in history, and it gave countless triumphs to numerous racers around the globe.

A leader in developing technologies

Aside from being a pioneer in manufacturing performance products, B&M is also a world leader in the research and development of aftermarket racing transmission technology. For the past years, the company has been joining forces with various automobile manufacturers like Ferrari, Dodge, Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Ford to discover more innovations, which will definitely take the performance product industry to an all new level.

B&M Fuel Pressure Regulator

The B&M Fuel Pressure Regulator is a small device with a diaphragm. This maintains constant pressure regardless of the rate of flow. Your vehicle could not run without the fuel pump. On the other hand, your fuel pump needs a Fuel Pressure Regulator to take the high-pressure gasoline supplied by the fuel pump and deliver it at a stable pressure to the rest of the fuel system. The fuel injection components are very sensitive to pressure and volume, thus the B&M fuel pressure regulator ensures that these system parts get the gasoline at the right pressure. If your fuel pump is not equipped with good-quality Fuel Pressure Regulator like B&M, too much pressure or too little pressure can be obtained. Either of these problems may cause flooding, hesitation, stalling, or no-start condition. The fuel pressure regulator under the hood is easy to test. You can hook up a fuel pressure gauge that's intended for a fuel injection system then compare the readout to what is specified for your car. A new fuel pressure regulator may be required if the reading is off. Our very reliable online store is always open for your B&M Fuel Pressure Regulator needs. Call us toll free for further information about our B&M Fuel Pressure Regulator in stock.

B&M Shifter

The shifting system in your vehicle's transmission may include a B&M shifter that has a manually-operated shift lever. This lever is can be moved into various gear positions and is outfitted with an electrical sensing device for sensing its positions. A controller is electrically connected to the sensing device and is constructed to control shifting of the transmission based on signals that are indicative of the position of the shift lever. The controller and the sensing device form the system that is capable of sensing the speed of movement of the shift lever and the controller. Through such system, there is an effective change control on the shifting of the transmission. In a form, the sensing device contains one of a continuous output potentiometer, a discrete output potentiometer, a membrane potentiometer, and a deformable variable-resistance potentiometer. A shift gate controls the movement of the shift lever in different control positions including at least park, neutral and drive control positions. Avail our great offers here for your new B&M shifter. Browse through our comprehensive parts catalog and do your hassle- free search. Our B&M shifter in stock is guaranteed to bring back the efficiency of your transmission system with its reliable performance.

B&M Torque Converter

The torque converter in your vehicle is connected to the transmission/transaxle input shaft. This connects, multiplies, and interrupts the flow of engine torque. The torque converter provides torque to the transmission's input shaft in two distinct ways - the hydraulic input and mechanical input. The hydraulic input from the torque converter's turbine may vary depending on the operating conditions within the converter. The mechanical input from the lock-up function of the engaged converter results to better fuel economy since all converter slippage is eliminated when the converter locks. Your B&M torque converter helps to smooth out engine power pulses. Fortunately, it does not require regular maintenance or adjustments; however this may possibly change the transmission fluid in the converter through draining, or transmission flushing. Most of the transmission fluid runs in the converter, which produces large amount of heat. Thus, there is a good reason to change the torque converter if possible. It is always possible to encounter problems within the torque converter itself or within the torque converter clutch. In case there's a problem with your converter or transmission, have it inspected by a mechanic. For your quality replacement B&M torque converter, our very reliable online store is here to assist you. Check out our parts catalog for your desired B&M torque converter.

B&M Transmission Assembly

Your engine and the overall performance of your vehicle are affected by some factors. So, there are different systems and parts employed in your vehicle that should function in the most appropriate way for you to have a worthwhile ride all the time. Among these assemblies are the transmission and the transmission assembly. An efficient and reliable transmission assembly is needed to ensure a functional engine particularly if you are traveling for longer miles. With that, B&M make the transmission assembly available for your need. It introduces a line of B&M transmission assembly that is designed to connect directly to the rear of the vehicle engine. Its function is to transmit the energy from the car's engine to the drive shaft and finally to the wheels. Usually, it is located on and under the rear of the car engine. A transaxle is a transmission assembly which includes parts joining the task of the transmission, differential and drive axle. Both of them should be made from quality material to guaranteed durability and longevity. When you get the B&M transmission assembly, you are sure that your new component is in perfect condition. B&M use unrivaled technology in the manufacturing of its products. Whatever vehicle model you have now, B&M will provide you with the top quality transmission assembly fit for your ride. Shop at our site now and get our best deals on B&M transmission assembly.

B&M Transmission Mount

Smooth driving always matters. Thus, your transmission must be equipped with high-quality system components like B&M Transmission Mount. A conventional transmission mount is used for isolating the transmission from the passenger compartment, and for locating it in a specified place. Usually, the transmission is a section of rubber, bonded to two metal pieces. The transmission encounters problems when the transmission spring looses tension over time or when the center bushing deteriorates, allowing the transmission to move vertically. Perhaps, the worst problem you'll encounter with a transmission mount is not with its design or devilish complexity, but with the process of its removal. During replacement, you must be very careful in removing the transmission mount. The spring is under compression, thus you must not be tempted to just remove the bottom screws. The entire assembly should be supported before any bolt is removed. It will be very wise to seek for some professional in replacing your transmission mount. For your premium replacement B&M Transmission Mount, we have a vast collection of mounts in our parts catalog. Check them out and discover our best deals that will satisfy you. Call us toll free for more information about your needed B&M transmission mount.

B&M Products

If you’re a speed-hungry, power-seeking auto enthusiast looking for a comprehensive transmission kit, you should check out the B&M selection of products. Known for providing top-notch performance parts, this brand has been at the forefront of the growing automotive industry since the early 1950s. One of their flagship products, B&M’s line of transmission kits has been specially engineered to provide long-lasting performance, durability, and service life. Some of the kits they offer include the shift improver kit that is used for cars with automatic transmission, street race overhaul kit that caters to DIYers looking to build their own automatic transmission, and transkit, a complete collection of units that would be perfect for a full overhaul of the automatic transmission. Aside from these products, B&M also offers shifters, torque converters, pressure regulators, and more—everything that a vehicle enthusiast is looking for. The shifter is another popular product from this company; crafted with exceptional engineering, B&M’s reputation as an innovator began when the company released this racing automatic shifter. To this day, this company continues to be the leading brand for all racing and performance shifter components; aside from the shifter unit, this manufacturer also offers shifter accessories such as knobs, buttons, etc. Their shifters are classified as performance, automatic, and competition. Each classification possesses special features and designs that vary according to where it will be installed. Racers might prefer competition shifters because of its special features, making it perfect for drag racing, while normal drivers may simply opt for an automatic shifter that can ease the stress of driving.

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