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Baer Brake Disc Kit

When you buy a Baer brakes kit, you are purchasing the result of years of focus specifically on brakes. Baer Racing, Inc., is a name known in the racing world and by the top automotive manufacturers for quality braking systems and the superior performance of the Baer brakes kit clearly demonstrates that firm focus on brakes. A Baer brakes kit is designed to be a simple install, and there is no welding involved. In addition to a simple bolt on installation and fine performance, a Baer brakes kit also comes with a durability and dependability that can be counted on. The Baer brakes kit is available for numerous makes and models of vehicles, and the odds are that we carry just the right Baer brakes kit for your specific vehicle.

Baer Brake Pad Set

Since 1986, Baer brakes systems have been providing superior and dependable performance. Like many of the companies known for high performance parts, Baer Racing, Inc., proved their Baer brakes systems on the race course, winning numerous awards. In addition to enjoying the proven performance of their Baer brakes systems on the race track, Baer Racing, Inc., has worked with the top names in the automotive manufacturing world, contributing the knowledge used in the design of Baer brakes system to helping to improve stock factory braking systems. Today, Baer brakes systems are available for street use on a broad range of makes and models of vehicles. Designed with simple installation in mind, Baer brakes systems are an excellent choice in terms of quality, performance and convenience.

Baer Performance Brake Kit

In addition to complete breaking systems and brake kits, Baer Racing, Inc., also makes available a variety of individual brake parts, including their Baer brake discs. Like each and every braking system, kit or individual part that carries the Baer name, Baer brake discs can be counted on to provide a high level of performance and safety reliably for many miles. The quality inherent in Baer brake discs is a direct result of the company's devotion to just brakes and their use of only high-grade materials in the manufacture of their brake parts and systems, including Baer brake discs. Dependable brakes are an essential part of automotive safety, and you and your vehicle deserve the best, which should make Baer brake discs your first choice.

Baer Performance Brake Kit

Baer brake rotors are a smart decision when it comes to replacing your rotors. Designed to look just as sharp as they perform, Baer brake rotors are available for a variety of makes and models of vehicles. The premium, high performance Baer brake rotors are built to significantly outperform the rotors that come factory installed on your vehicle. Part of the high performance of these Baer brake rotors has to do with an innovative design that is meant to offer greater airflow and heat dissipation. The zinc-coated surface is pleasing to the eye, as is the slotting and drilling of the high performance Baer brake rotors. Just important as high performance and good looks, however, is the durability that is built into Baer brake rotors ? and you can count on that.

Baer Products

When it comes to performance brakes, the industry’s top choice is the Baer line of products. Racers and enthusiasts alike choose this Arizona-based brand for its high level of craftsmanship and product quality. For over 43 years, this company has provided the most innovative brake products that are perfect for street performance vehicles. Recognizing the importance of precise and accurate brakes, this manufacturer ensures that every unit has been finely tuned and specially engineered to provide a long-term service life and lasting performance. With this, the company has not stopped in its quest of continuously upgrading its offerings together with the technology used in manufacturing. By using the latest CAD and CNC machining technologies, Baer has been capable of producing specialized brake systems without charging customers a rate that’s worth and arm and a leg. Every brake system produced by this company uses intricately machined components: callipers that have been forged out of aluminum, curved vane rotors, pistons made of steel, and high-grade hardware that includes nuts and bolts that are easy to use. The only challenge is to choose the right brake system for your ride’s application. Baer’s SS4+ systems are the usual choice for small vehicles, while track 4 is applied on trucks with massive wheels. What’s more, because of their special designs, Baer’s replacement units continue to dominate the market as well; the decelerator front brake disc possess a cross-drilled and slotted design that ensure a higher level of durability, while Baer’s Eradispeed-Plus-1 brake disc are coated with zinc to prevent easy corrosion.

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