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Manufacturing and Exporting Auto Products: A Brief History of BAK Industries

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With its core mission of providing quality yet inexpensive, protection for a truck's bed, BAK Industries has played a prolific role in the tonneau cover industry for the past two decades. Its emphasis on strength and durability has molded this brand into one of the most respected and well-known names when it comes to holistic truck bedliner protection.

From Simple Manufacturing to Large Scale Product Innovation

BAK Industries traces its roots to the late 1980s. It was founded by Julian and Ivan Maimin in Los Angeles, California to manufacture inexpensive bedliners that can help protect the back of a pickup truck. But far from its humble beginnings, BAK Industries is now well on its way to becoming the benchmark for new, creative, and exciting auto products. With its innovative modular mold designs, the facility that Julian and Ivan built has become an institution for bedliners and tonneau covers that have never been seen or heard before.

From Local Wholesale to Worldwide Exports

Aside from its local reputation, BAK Industries is also known worldwide as a trusted manufacturer of original equipment and aftermarket bedliners. Ever since the mid-1990s, BAK Industries was already on the forefront of global market expansion. They weren’t only the first company to produce export-ready bedliners, but they also began shipping these products to over 35 countries by the end of the decade. Two decades later, BAK Industries continues to export quality truck accessories worldwide, with distribution points in all 50 states of the USA as well as Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Bak Industries Bed Rail Cap

Even if you use the bed of your pickup truck for hauling cargos or for carrying the dirty equipments that you use from work, that does not mean that it does not have the right to look good. And, the function of the bed of your pickup truck makes it all the more important for it to be protected. The part of the bed that is used as a cargo area should not only be protected, but all the parts of the bed should also be secured, including the bed rails. The needed protection of the bed rails can only be provided by the BAK bed rail cap. The bed rail caps, like the BAK bed rail caps, are quick and easy to install. They are designed to match the contours of the bed rails in your vehicle. The BAK bed rail caps will not hinder you from installing new camper tops, tonneau covers, tool boxes, or racks. The bed rail caps from BAK can be painted to match the color of your pickup but you can also use them as is.

Bak Industries Running Board Mounting

The BAK running board mounting will keep the running board at the back of your pickup truck securely attached to it. It is made from high quality metal that is designed to be strong and durable. With the BAK running board mounting, you do not have to worry about the running board falling because you know that it is well taken cared of. The running board mounting is located at the back of the pickup truck just above the rear bumper. When looking for the best quality running board mounting, you can check out our online catalog. We have a comprehensive selection of high quality parts and accessories and the BAK running board mounting is included in it. We are here to help you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you need assistance, you can call our toll-free number and our service professionals will gladly be of service to you. We also have the BAK running board mounting at low, low prices. It will not be hard on your budget and that is a guarantee.

Bak Industries Running Boards

If you find it hard to climb on your large vehicle, what you need to do is to have a secure footing that can be provided by the BAK running boards. The BAK running boards are made from high quality metal that can withstand even the heaviest people on earth. They are available in different designs that you can choose from. The running boards can be placed at the back of the bed if your vehicle is a pickup truck and at the sides if you happen to own an SUV. They are used as steps to make it easier for you to mount your vehicle. They are easy to install, so you do not have to hire someone to do the installation job for you. Instead of your money going to the hands of a professional mechanic, you can use it to pay for something else. The BAK running boards can also add up to the appearance of your vehicle as they are not only very functional but very stylish as well.

Bak Industries Tailgate Cap

The tailgate of your vehicle is a metal panel that serves as a door at its rear part. If you happen to own a pickup truck, the top part of the tailgate is typically left unprotected from the sun's heat and all the other elements that can do harm to the tailgate of your truck. Good thing that there is the BAK tailgate cap that can protect the tailgate of your pickup. The BAK tailgate cap is designed to fit the contours of most tailgates. Ultimate protection is what the BAK tailgate cap provides. It is made from high quality materials and is guaranteed to last long. It is also crafted to withstand the damaging UV rays of the sun, so the component will not change its color. If you need a BAK tailgate cap for your vehicle, you can get it here at a really affordable price. We guarantee you that the tailgate caps from BAK which you can get from us will do wonders in your vehicle.

Bak Industries Tailgate Storage

If you are in need of tailgate storage, we are your one-stop shop when it comes to high quality auto parts and accessories like the BAK tailgate storage. We provide only the best auto parts and accessories, so you can be sure that if you are going to get it from us, it will be tough and durable and it will definitely last long. You can store your car tools in the BAK tailgate storage, as well as other equipments that can fit in it. The BAK tailgate storage is made from high quality and tough plastic. It is easy to mount on the tailgate of your vehicle so you do not have to get someone to do the installment job for you. The BAK tailgate storage can also fit most makes and models of pickup trucks so you do have to worry of the part not fitting your auto. We are here to help you all day and all night long because our online store never closes. We also have 24-hour live assistance; just call us in our toll-free number.

Bak Industries Tonneau Cover

The BAK tonneau cover perfectly works for most makes and models of pickup trucks. This means that it will fit your pickup truck, too. The tonneau covers are installed in the bed of the truck so that the bed and the cargos in it will be protected from the sun, rain, snow, dirt, and other elements that can do harm to the cargos as well as to the metal bed of your pickup. Tonneau covers are usually made from high quality vinyl or tough plastic. Both materials can provide the utmost protection that your vehicle needs. There are different types of tonneau covers. There are soft tonneau covers and there are also hard tonneau covers. Depending on the type of tonneau covers that you want to install in your auto, you can just choose the one that suits your taste. Check out our wide selection of high quality tonneau covers in which the BAK tonneau cover is included. We can provide you with what you need at the soonest possible time. If you need assistance, call our toll-free number.

BAK Industries Products

Tired of your truck’s drab factory look? No worries; you can purchase add-ons that are easy to install from BAK Industries. Whether you’re looking to secure your pickup’s bed rails using a bed rail cap or changing the style of your ride by installing a set of running boards, this brand is definitely the one to choose when it comes to truck accessories. Known as the world’s innovator of hard truck covers and accessories, BAK’s flagship product is its line of tonneau covers. These covers can be easily folded away when it is not in use, and folds down easily and securely, allowing you to store it anywhere on your truck or in the garage. Some of the product designs offered include BAKFlip, hard folding truck bed covers; tiltBAK, hard flush-fit tilting covers; and RollBAK, heavy-duty, all-aluminum retractable covers. Each unit varies in design, price, and application, but all of them possess the BAK Industries brand of craftsmanship and quality. By purchasing products from this manufacturer, you can secure your truck bed easily without worrying about experiencing the hassle of installation, limiting access to the back, and consuming more space at the back. Other BAK accessories offer convenience features; their running boards have a built-in, lockable storage area where you can store your toolbox, equipment, and other kits that you may need while travelling. BAK has surely succeeded in its goal of creating stylish accessories that provide effective and efficient function.

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