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BD Diesel

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BD Diesel Exhaust Manifold

Without the exhaust system, there is no efficient way of processing the emission of car gases, which, as we all know, can be dangerous to the environment and man’s health. The exhaust system has many parts, and each one serves a purpose, specifically in removing toxic fumes, byproducts of the combustion process. An example of such is the exhaust manifold, a network of tubes designed to transport gases to the muffler. Mostly made from steel, iron and aluminum, exhaust manifolds are located at the side of the cylinder head. Like most parts of the exhaust system, they too are easily subject to damage. If you need a replacement for a busted manifold, go for the BD Diesel Exhaust Manifold. Molded from high-silicon ductile iron, the BD Diesel Exhaust Manifold has several features aimed at full efficiency. It has joints that allow expansion and contraction without cracking or developing holes, which is common to substandard exhaust manifolds. Aside from that, the BD Diesel Exhaust Manifold is designed to deliver quicker turbo spool-up and better fuel economy while having reduced backpressure. Plus, this BD item comes with stainless steel fasteners and washers to prevent loose manifold bolts.

BD Diesel Fuel Filter

Elements like dirt, rust, and even paint chips can accumulate inside the fuel tank. That's a fact. And that, too, is the same reason why you need a dependable fuel filter like the BD Diesel Fuel Filter. The BD Diesel Fuel Filter is meant to screen out particles from the fuel, preventing the damage they can do to your fuel pump and injectors. Consequently, the BD Diesel Fuel Filter helps boost engine performance since "cleaner" fuel is better combusted by the engine. Also, this fuel filter is easy to maintain; it only takes a piece of clean cloth to rid it off of dirt. All you have to do is disconnect it from the fuel line, then you can proceed with cleaning it manually. The BD Diesel Fuel Filter is offered here at Auto Parts Warehouse at a very affordable price. Check this item in our expansive online catalog now!

BD Diesel Lift Pump

There’s the escalation of liquid and gas pressures, and then there’s the pump. Wait! Maybe it’s the other way around. Pumps, you see, are responsible for driving liquids and gases from a low-pressured state to a condition of higher pressure. In the automotive world, one of the most known pumps is the lift pump; an outstanding example of which is the BD Diesel Lift Pump. The BD Diesel Lift Pump is meant to effectively extend the life of your fuel system by ensuring it has enough fuel to support the demands of your car’s engine. Aside from that, this product keeps unwanted particles from contaminating the fuel while it conversely increases its amount. Furthermore, the BD Diesel Lift Pump takes the job of an ordinary lift pump to another level by removing from the fuel air, which, if not taken out, can lead to irregular fuel pressure, subpar fuel economy, and increased gas emissions.

BD Diesel Torque Converter

Clutches are needed for cars with manual transmission. However, they are no longer as essential when it comes to vehicles with automatic transmission. You see, AT cars, instead of a clutch, employ a device called the torque converter. A torque converter is a kind of fluid coupling that allows the engine to function while the wheels and gears are not in motion. This device is particularly useful when an automobile stops or brakes because with it, you need not turn off the engine while stopping or braking. The thing is, a damaged torque converter needs to be replaced at once. For a quality replacement, you can count on the BD Diesel Torque Converter. The BD Diesel Torque Converter features a machine billet stator meant to multiply torque; therefore, effectively enhancing the car’s performance. Moreover, this item permits lesser heat and improved fuel economy. The BD Diesel Torque Converter comes with a stamp-forged steel front cover, furnace-brazed fins, and a triple amount of lock-up clutch material for added toughness and reliability.

BD Diesel Transmission Assembly

Connecting to the rear portion of the engine, the transmission assembly is set to transfer energy from the engine to the drive shaft and to the wheels for conversion of corresponding auto movements. Most transmission assemblies are installed directly under the car, at the center portion. It's advised to have your transmission checked regularly as it helps much in allowing your car a vast range of output speeds. If you think that your transmission needs to be replaced, don't hesitate to check out the BD Diesel Transmission Assembly, one of the leading items when it comes to transmission assembly replacements. The BD Diesel Transmission Assembly is a high-quality product tried and tested to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency. This item is available here at your trusted online auto shop, Auto Parts Warehouse-at an affordable price and at even greater deals. So browse our online catalog now and treat your car to a system of first-class transmission.

BD Diesel Products

Aside from its stylish exterior and awesome convenience features, what everyone looks for in a perfect vehicle is the type of performance it brings. Transform your ride’s lukewarm performance into a blazing spectacle by upgrading it using BD Diesel products. For over 40 years, this company has led the industry of diesel power train components and has helped improve the technology used in crafting performance parts. Some of their main products include the exhaust manifold, fuel filter, torque converter, and transmission assembly. BD Diesel’s exhaust manifold is crafted using cast iron to ensure a high level of resistance against corrosion and specially designed to reduce back pressure, boost fuel economy, and increase the horsepower generated by your vehicle. It is engineered to free up some space in your exhaust to allow smooth flow and greater throttle response. One of the awesome features of this product is that it has expansion joints that allow room for contraction and expansion without leading to cracks and leaks. Another BD Diesel performance part that stands out is the torque converter, a perfect add-on for vehicles with automatic transmission that need more rotating power. It helps reduce slippage within the system and improve the efficiency of your engine’s operation. Thanks to its billet-machined stator, the torque levels are increased without increasing the number of rates per minute.

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