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BD Diesel Exhaust Manifold Gasket

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BD Diesel Exhaust Manifold Gasket, Direct fit

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BD DIESEL PULSE EXHAUST MANIFOLD GASKET SET -- Gasket Set For 1045985 Or 1045977 Exhaust Manifold, With Manufacturer's Limited 1-Year Warranty
  • Brand SKU#: BD Diesel 1045986
  • Product Fit: Direct fit
  • Quantity Sold: Set
  • Anticipated Ship Out Time: 1-2 Business Days

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BD Diesel Exhaust Manifold Gasket Review

Date Published:
  • Performance 5
  • Ease to Use/Intallation 5
  • Quality 3
  • Price 4
Overall Rating 4.3

Leaks coming from the exhaust manifold are oftentimes caused by a bad gasket what with the constant heating and cooling in the engine that make the gasket weak in the long run. So if you start hearing loud noise from the engine, your check engine light is on, the engine's performance has significantly dropped, and/or there's strange smell coming from the engine, chances are your exhaust manifold gasket has seen better days.

A leaky gasket in the exhaust manifold isn't just a safety but also a health concern, so it must be acted upon immediately. Allow us to help you make a decision on your purchase by sharing with you the performance of the BD Diesel exhaust manifold gasket in our ride.


  • Sold as a set of 7
  • Would fit 6.7L exhaust manifold
  • Has expansion joint to allow for growth when heated
  • Cast from 3-series stainless steel
  • With excess material in the turbo mount area and webbing between the ports


  • This gasket set works well in our ride. The loud noise coming from the engine compartment was eliminated; what we're hearing now is just the normal roar of our engine. After the replacement, the engine performance just gradually got back to normal.
  • We love the fact that this gasket set features expansion joint because it assures us that even if the temperature in the area gets too high, it would allow the gasket to grow or somewhat expand instead of cracking. With this, we're confident that the gaskets included in the set won't fail or leak soon.
  • A gasket set like this is advantageous because we'll never know when the other gasket will give up on us, so it pays if you keep extra gaskets handy. In our case, we only discover that there are other gaskets that need replacement while we are already doing the fix, so we're thankful that we've got a few more extra gaskets.


  • Installation isn't that easy--it actually took us 4 hours. So if you don't have that much time to spend tinkering with your engine, this may not be a good DIY job for you.

Final thought

If there's one thing all drivers wouldn't want to compromise, it is engine performance. So no matter how long this DIY job took us, we still carried it out. We're just so thankful that we've chosen this gasket set from BD Diesel. It comes in set of 7, so even if we're surprised by the actual number of manifold gaskets that actually need replacement, we got that all covered. We're also amazed by the gaskets' response to high temperature. It's been a while since the gaskets were installed in our ride but during our visual inspection, we didn't notice cracks or leaks.

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