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BedRug is the Ultimate in Truck Bed Protection!

When it comes to high-class closed-cell polypropylene foam bed protection, there's only one leading and pioneer brand that customers' trust—BedRug®. Your truck's bed needs a protection from your everyday rig. That's why Bed Liners and Mats come functional in improving your vehicle's looks and functionality—thus also revamping your rugged rig's resale value while maintaining its classy interior. Quality is our priority; our BedRug® liners provide top-of-the-line features that are definitely superior to those of traditional liners in the market. Our products are hard-wearing, comfortable, more functional than a drop-in or spray-on liner. Our liners are also waterproof, rust resistant, and can endure temperature ranges. For a customer, BedRug® products are definitely a good choice—it's like turning a concrete block into a first-class antique. Even the latest BedTred item gives a rugged anti-skid work finish and is a premium pick compared with other liners in the market. In the aftermarket industry, BedRug® is a popular name—quality, innovation, and bed protection comes with this brand. Learn More

BedRug for Work or Play!

BedRug will handle anything your work week has to offer...

  • Concrete blocks...

  • Hauling gravel...

  • Yard work...

...then after a few minutes at the car wash...

BedRug is ready to play all weekend!

  • Fun...

  • Fun...

  • Fun...

BedRug's first-class bed liner improves the way you use your truck's interior. It's like turning an old, shabby house into a classic palace—your truck's beauty is redefined.

A certified premium choice for liners, BedRug's top-of-the-line products are capable of handling any cargo without compromising safety. Products from this brand are also notable for compatibility with various vehicles of some car makes like General Motors, Ford, Dodge, and Toyota.

You can get your very own durable, perfect fit, and non-skid bed liner in various car parts dealers. You can also find BedRug products from local auto parts center.

Because we value our customers, product warranty is never out on our priority list. Do you know what's even better than getting this security—its lifetime warranty! Whether you're looking for a camping or construction equipment, coolers or concrete, BedRug has all the essential tools that meet your buying demands.

Click on our new product videos and see BedRug and BedTred Pro Series in action. Gravel, bricks, bleach, motor oil, even battery acid are no match for these amazing Bed Liners!


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