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Behr: One of Germany’s Greatest Exports

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Not many businesses can stand the test of time. Even fewer do when the said time spans more than a century. Behr, a highly recognized German brand in the automotive industry, is among the lucky ones to not only survive during that period, but also thrive in it.

Humble Beginnings

Starting out as a family-owned business in 1905, Behr was nowhere near the corporation that it is today. Behr was merely a small workshop for car radiators. From that foundation, Julius Friedrich Behr (the company’s founder) worked toward not only providing excellent radiator repair, but also manufacturing high-quality radiators.

Now a Global Corporation

The company now has 36 production facilities and 17 development centers in different locations. On top of that, it also employs over 17,000 men and women that are working to provide consumers with the best automotive cooling components. With those, it’s safe to say that Behr has gone a long way from its humble roots since it’s now regarded a globally active automotive industry supplier.

Behr Fan Clutch

If you want a quality fan clutch, be sure to get them from one of the world's leading manufacturer of original equipments for passenger and commercial vehicles. Behr ? recognized as a world specialist when it comes to automotive air conditioning and engine cooling system has the perfect solution for your problem. The fan clutch is a small fluid coupling with a thermostatic device responsible for controlling its variable-speed fan. With Behr fan clutch, you are assured that the fan will rotate at just the right speed in order to keep the engine from over heating. It reduces drive to the fan when it is no longer needed. It has a fluid coupling partly filled with silicone oil designed for that reason. Your radiator is outfitted with a stock fan clutch. It functions to make sure that the fan will spin at the proper speed in order to prevent the engine from overheating. If the temperature of the air passing through the radiator increases, the heart commands a bimetal coil spring to expand. The expansion lets a little more oil to come into the fluid coupling before the fan starts to rotate. If your stock fan clutch is already damaged, you don't need to worry because Behr fan clutch is the perfect answer to your problem. We have in stock Behr fan clutches for almost all makes and model. We assure you that our Behr fan clutches are of the highest quality and will surely work effectively.

Behr Fan Shroud

Behr is a famous name in the automotive industry. They have been specializing in automotive air conditioning and engine cooling systems, and have been recognized as one of the world's leading manufacturers of original equipment for passenger and commercial vehicles. One of the automotive products from Behr is Behr fan shroud. The fan shroud is actually one of the most important features of your car. It is not just an unsightly finger guard that has to be removed but it does an important job in making the cooling fan perform at its best. Behr fan shroud works properly when installed properly. Behr fan shroud can help concentrate cool air when pulled by the cooling fan through the radiator. Its durability is usually associated and can be determined by its vibration response to the road. Behr fan shroud can contribute a lot in the proper functioning of the cooling system. So the minute you found out that your stock fan shroud isn't working well, better replace it as soon as possible. And if you are looking for a top-quality fan shroud, make sure that the replacement unit that you'll get is wearing the Behr badge. We have a wide variety of Behr automotive products including Behr fan shroud. Just feel free to browse our catalog and pick the perfect Behr fan shroud for your vehicle.

Behr Radiator

When you are in need of cooling system parts for your well-loved car, Behr radiator is one of the high-quality units that can bring back the efficiency of your cooling system. As most of us know, radiator is a device that functions to help keep your vehicle's engine from overheating. Behr radiator will surely guarantee that you will be getting more aside from its precise fit and remarkable performance when installed in your car. Behr radiator is made tough in order to endure the test of time. Behr has gained their reputation in the automotive industry by delivering durable cooling system components specially Behr radiators. Behr radiators can be fitted in heavy artillery trucks and buses, and other types of vehicles doing heavy duty tasks. And to ensure that you get the best Behr radiator, be sure to purchase it from us. Our site is one of the industry's leading providers of top of the line auto and truck parts and accessories including your needed Behr radiator. Select fro your needed auto component in our online catalog and experience a truly satisfying way in auto-part shopping. You don't need to worry about different time zones because our online help or customer service is here to help you 24 hours a day with your Behr Radiator Parts purchase. We have Behr Radiators in stock and they are ready for immediate shipment.

Behr Products

Every system inside the vehicle needs to maintain a certain temperature level to function properly. This is why the automobile is equipped with various devices that are designed to help keep the temperature at bay—your ride can’t be too hot nor too cool, or else, its performance may be adversely affected. Whether you need to heat up or cool down your ride’s systems, you should opt for Behr, the industry’s leading name when it comes to original equipment for light vehicles and trucks. Based in Germany, this manufacturer specializes in automotive air conditioning and engine cooling systems and has over 100 years of experience in producing high-quality parts for major makes and models. Behr manufactures different components, including radiators, thermostat kits, evaporators, blower motors, and more. One of its main products is the radiator. Crafted using anti-corrosive aluminum and equipped with fiberglass-reinforced polyamide coolant tanks, Behr’s radiators are among the toughest bunch in the industry. They will not crack or deform easily, in spite of regular exposure to sudden temperature shifts and extreme temperatures. These also come complete with mounting brackets and other equipment—they are easy to install. Thanks to their direct fit design, mounting this Behr unit on your auto won’t take up too much of your time. Like the radiator, all the other products from this company come with Behr’s brand of durability and reliability, so anytime you need a replacement, be sure to check out its item selection.

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